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Role play ret con does not own any part of the original versions of movies. We read con nor we associated with the artist. Who makes them and let me level with you guys sometimes? Sometimes we're GONNA say dirty words in this podcast and that's okay and maybe you don't want your kids to hear that and that's okay too but but you is apparent. Get to make that decision on what they listen to. And don't listen to thanks and enjoyed the episode previously on role play. Ret Con does twilight Charlie. Charlie I don't think you should go. I don't think you should go by yourself. This is crazy. You'RE GONNA get yourself killed the you don't know what this guy is capable of your both chained to the radiator He goes egos okay. Here's the key to your handcuffs and putting it underneath the welcome mat electrical under there and he gets here well so I figured I'd go to where and where I caught him writhing on the floor in agony is match and there is a bite mark on her neck and then you see a very tall area attractive blind man come out of the John Cooper works. This is the man that you recognize as Carlisle Cullen the head surgeon at the hospital. This was left at the at the a coffee shop and he holds up a little box. So I got Bradley's name on it so I thought that I would return it to him Yeah plus in the box. I don't open it here. I walked to the kitchen table. All right you said it down on the kitchen table you open. The DOC is my address on this box. Yeah it is. It's it's right there on in sharpy it's pretty messy handwriting and a couple of words or misspelled invite. Yeah it's definitely right there on the box. Bradley Swan Your address. And you open the box in right there inside us. He is a baseball. And it's it's it's kind of an old looking baseball. It's kinda faded a little dirty but it's definitely just a baseball fall in the box. I want to take the baseball and I WANNA rotated in the bottom. That like lifting it up on the underside of the baseball are the initials B S. Bradley. What's your Middle Name Cornelius? Cornelius we already have occurred. Neil year. You can't do that Shit. I forgot Hannukah's all right all right so the initials B C S in very messy childish handwriting. Looks like maybe a three-year-old wrote Ed. Perhaps A three-year-old Bradley Bradley. What is it? It's my first baseball. ERA MEMBER IT IS ANYTHING COMING BACK TO YOU Bradley. I was playing outside. I was just a child at the time but you know it was so bright outside and I had had my baseball my first I baseball. And that's what he took me right out in the open Baseball remember where he took you. I mean I didn't know the names of places or things I was was just three. I'll have is just visions really baseball. It's from Edward Finch isn't it has s to be the last time I had that baseball other any other clues on the box. You can all investigation you got to. I got ooh jeeze. I got a native. I got nothing I noticed that it is. It's a fine Mahogany cardboard. She colored cardboard. Okay Yeah sure moggy cardboard Alex you kind of love you take the the baseball out you turn it over. You look in the bottom of the box walks you turn the box over. You don't really see anything you can tell just by looking at the handwriting though that it does match the handwriting that was on the letter letter. Stephanie finch fought Lois if he left this at the coffee shop He's gotta be at the harbour. Imagine and I'm starting to feel very uneasy about. Maybe that's exactly what he wanted to your dad and my Dad Dad to be somewhere else. Where do you think? He is. Close You guys are running through the warehouse. Firehouse toured the back room. You don't hear any screams and I say that I'd say like she was screaming Liman which was better than not screaming. I think she was screaming. Did it look like there. was anything wrong with her. She had a couple of. She had a wound on her neck. She's bleeding pretty bad all right as soon as you say that carlisle just gets ever so slightly faster. He's running. He's running pretty fast for a man I mean not like unreasonably fast by Carlisle's clearly in some pretty good shape and he runs ahead of you okay by the way Charlie does not have a crush on this person because he probably thinks about madge mostly but like still really uh-huh. Oh Yeah for sure so one of the things about Carlisle is that in addition to just being unbelievably attractive attractive. I mean seriously. This is one good looking doctor. He is kind. He is compassionate. He has got some charisma. Any also smells pretty nice. It doesn't smell very nice. Who knows what it is but gosh that man smells go a little note to like? Ask him what that is later. But the right so when he starts sprinting ahead of you a little bit you you can be a little taken aback like paying and also he's in really good shape like this sky. Chicken up that bud. Is He a track and field. Probably not in the moment guides my friend might be dying. Yeah but honestly though you can't really help it he's he's he's right. There churning but cut all right the so he he's sprint ahead of you. He gets to the room just before you do and you come in to see him holding something thing A rag right up against her neck and she is still panting but much less heavily now she she sees you come in Charlie and she she her eyes are darting side to side wildly but she She barely he gets a hand up off the ground in holds it out toward you are take her hand her. Her grasp tightens heightens against your hands. She is really clutching your hand. It hurts a little bit okay. She's clearly in pain. Doc How did you know I was here. Oh my daughter said something about you coming here so i. I thought that I would go ahead and make sure you're okay. She seemed a little worried about you. But right now right now we really need to address the situation Asian at hand. I'm going to be honest with Charlie. This doesn't look good. She has lost a lot of blood. And it's a little bit worse than that Charlie. I know you guys are good friends and I know this is going to to be difficult for you. And he looks you straight into the eyes and with his gorgeous ocean. Blue Eyes that are as pained as the tempest see. And he says Charlie. You need to leave. I need you to step into the other room at least assure. Hey match doc. Year is the best these best doctor in the in the counting the tri-state area and the Tri tri-state area. So I'm GonNa leave you with him. It's GonNa be fine right. Outside is blue they are. They're blue using blue she is eating fish. He does eat fish. Oh She She whimpers a little bit in squeezes even tighter against your hand. Whoa Okay Hey all right? How like she doesn't want me? Aleve can mean empathy role negative one plus another thing. Because I don't have any empathy against cal just a negative one You can't really tell you can't really tell you can't tell if she's just in an awful lot of pain or she wants to stay there with her I have i. Have I ever met Carlisle before. Oh yeah sure he's the coroner near the chief of police. You guys have worked together there before. What color his eyes? GimMe a Laura role. I got a four. You're a nice okay. So in this moment you're looking at him in his eyes and something the thing about them seems a little off to you so you try and surge in your brain to see all of the time you come into contact with Carlisle. Cullen to try and remember what color his eyes are and it seems like this is like blue make sense to you but you know maybe maybe necessarily remember them always being blue and you sometimes. They're a little darker. Maybe sometimes they're a little lighter. You you get new contracts Doc. What Oh my is no you know? Sometimes they change color based on my mood and Charlie. We don't have much time. I I really need you to step out for just a little bit. I promise I will take very good care of her all right. I'm going to split the difference here and rearm I self with a shotgun and step outside while you are outside. Do you go all the way out of the building or just into the. I'm going to stay as close as I think I'm allowed to. Okay so you go you go out of the room you go. You're not not even in the adjacent room but you are in like the main like Wabi area and yeah you're just playing the waiting game what I wrote for that. How do I play the waiting game? One a d one hundred good and then wait that many moments cool sixteen sixteen minutes actually. That's not bad at all all alright probably sixteen minutes all right okay So sixteen minutes pass started to get a little antsy. They are getting a little antsy. After waiting you're sixteen whole minutes new here. Some footsteps coming from the back room in Carlisle comes around and he looks at. You would vary. Pain is Charlie. I'm so sorry I come back into the room please. So you go back into the room you got your shotgun madge. Looks like she is sleeping. You Still Elsa her chest rising and falling but An ever so often every so often she She she shivers a little little bit. It seems like her her lungs quiver. You know like you do after you've been crying for a long time in you finally stop but It seems like she's resting finally. There's really nothing else in this room. So Carlisle just has a seat on the floor beside ride her pats on the ground in front of him. Yeah I I've always I'd I'd I said crisscross. APPLESAUCE crisscross applesauce right. He's doing the same in front of you. He reaches out a hand clearly. Beckoning for yours. Sure by a palm up like give taste like Paul Map all right he puts his head of what's going on. That's his hand on top of yours. He hold your hand in in between both of his hands. Thank you notice that he is also ice cold. Whoa you guys circulatory problems in your family? Oh yeah that's that's what it is. Charlie talk okay okay. I mean you're talking like he got bad news but she looks okay..

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