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Statistic right in front of me, and of course, a lot of the statistics that we reference nowadays in Major. League. Baseball weren't as available or weren't used back during that time. So they tried to take today's analytics and apply them to looking at film or game play or don't even know exactly how they do it but his defensive metrics graded out extremely well, his base running metrics getting back to the triples him taking the extra base when the opportunity presented itself, I believe it was over. Fifty or sixty percent of the time. So the guy wasn't a speedster, but he knew how to run the basis and that led to him taking the extra base in stretching. Hey, double into a triple and one, hundred, sixty, six of those is very impressive and when I talked about defensive metrics as well he won twelve consecutive gold glove awards starting in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty. One. So from nineteen, sixty, one, all the way till his last year of Nineteen seventy-two, he was the gold glove winner in right field for the National League he led the National League in outfield assists five times during the curse of a career. So the guy had an absolute Canaan out in right field and since one thousand, nine, hundred, four, he ranked second in career assists as. A right fielder, he has a career two hundred and fifty five assists from right field, which is second all-time. So this guy just he did it all I mean he hit three seventeen, he hit triples let's look at his home run stats he he figured out how to hit home runs later in his career a lot of way or an easy way to put it is that Guys who get to the major leagues I you learn how to hit major league pitching and then you learn how to hit home runs against Major League pitching I mean case in point locally here is Alec bomb for the Philadelphia. Phillies. Former third overall pick who has come up hit right around three hundred put the ball in play. He's twelve for twenty-three with runners in scoring. Position but certainly hasn't lifted the ball out of the ballpark yet, and that will come with experience that will come with timing that will come with repetition, and that's what happened with Roberto Clemente and his first five years he had five, seven, four, six, four home runs but then from then on double digits every year and averaged upwards of almost twenty home runs he started getting to. Sixteen twenty three seventeen twenty nine was his career high in nineteen sixty six when he won the MVP award, he hit three seventeen, that year twenty, nine home runs. One hundred nineteen are be is he also had eleven triples and thirty one doubles. So what's that there? Quickly Sixty seventy one extra base hits across the board in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, six, what a fantastic year. For Roberto in that year, he was a two time world series champion. To Go along with those twelve consecutive gold gloves, he also had fifteen all stars. He was named an all-star fifteen different times. That's very impressive throughout the course of eighteen years. He had four L. batting titles to go along with the nineteen sixty, six award he had three, fifty, one and nineteen, sixty, one, three, thirty, nine, and nineteen, sixty, four, three, fifty, seven, in one, thousand, nine. Hundred Sixty seven and three, twenty, nine in nineteen, sixty five to win the batting championship in those years very impressive. He also ranks once again putting in the new age sabermetrics into the old style of baseball. He ranked thirty seventh all time in wins above replacement or war according to baseball reference. So very, very high on the list during his prime one of the most complete players. I, heard Larry Bowa speak the other day and somebody asked him about the best baseball player. He's ever played against and he said it was hands down. So Clemente nobody was even close it's just I mean this guy if you really look at it from nineteen, we'll say sixty one or even nineteen sixty through the end of his career. So those twelve years he was an all star every year except for nineteen, sixty eight and the guy had two to ninety one that year. So certainly had the numbers he finished in the MVP top twenty every single year he had. Let's see one two. Three four top five finishes in MVP voting, and it's just let's look at some of the individual performances that really stand out here based on some research I've been able to do but nineteen, fifty six, he had an inside the park walk off Grand Slam, and apparently that is the only time in the history of Major League baseball it actually happened it was Let's see a historic trip nine, eight victory the pirates over the cubs and It was his first home run was also an inside the park home run. So he has the only inside the park walk off Grand Slam in the history of baseball up. A year later in nineteen fifty seven, he had a three homer, seven RBI performance, which was probably the most impressive offensive performance of Roberto Clementes career for five three Dinger's seven RBI's against the reds he had to to run shots, and then a solo homer in the ninth, the pirates did end up losing that game but of course, Roberto was a star nineteen, fifty, eight, he had. A three times three bagger Clemente became just the twenty eighth player in history to have three triples in one game which ties the modern era. So nobody has had four triples in one game. It seems here but Clemente is one of the gentlemen was able to have three of them in one game. He had a walk off hit in the All Star game in nineteen sixty one. To lead the National League to a five four victory, he basically, let's see Hank Aaron led off the inning Frank Robinson was there. So I stacked lineup but ultimately, your hero was were Roberto Clemente in the same year that he won the MVP, he also had the walk off winner in the All Star game. That's a pretty good summer if you're Roberto Clemente. Defensively in nineteen sixty nine, he made a crazy catch to preserve a no hitter one handed grab over the field fence. It's one of the best highlights and best catches that she'll see if you search over youtube and and kind of dive into some of these, you'll be able to find that one thousand, nine, hundred, Seventy Roberto Clemente night at three rivers stadium. They had this. They welcomed fans from Puerto Rico for the occasion. Obviously. Roberto. Was a hero for a lot of kids of Latino descent. Because Roberto Clemente after his passing in nineteen, seventy two was elected to the baseball hall of fame in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, three, and he was the first Latino to be enshrined in the Major League Baseball Hall of fame. So everything that Jackie Robinson did in for for the African, American. Community Roberto Clemente was very similar idolized player for the Latino community. I know Alex Rodriguez has talked about idolizing Roberto Clemente and that's where I think baseball's doing a nice job and honoring him once a similar similar to Jackie Robinson because the has continued to evolve and obviously the influence of La Latino players in Puerto Rico and everybody has continued to grow across major. League Baseball and we've seen that with everybody from Puerto. Rico wearing number twenty one in honor of Roberto Clemente on Wednesday with the rest of Major League baseball wearing a patch and showing their love for Roberto Clemente also Major League baseball the MLB Network has a studio twenty one along with a studio forty two. So very much highly thought of in regards to Major, League baseball and just fascinating I. Mean The guy was an all star gold glove top fifteen MVP guy hit three twelve with seven home runs and sixty RBI. So yeah, our ten home runs and sixty RBI. So maybe the offensive power numbers were dropping at the age of thirty seven for the pirates. The Guy could still hit career three seventeen hitter thirteen hundred RBI is two hundred and forty home runs and exactly three thousand hits and of Cour- say a hero to the Latino community and just a model citizen for everything. Major League, baseball and. Great Great Athlete and a great great baseball player. But that'll wrap things up here for the first segment of the GSM baseball podcast brought to you by the. MC podcast network I'm your host Kevin Mahalick will pause right now for a word from one of our sponsors, one of.

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