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An august k by an august in august nagas who harris guys list major obvious looking ahead i'm looking ahead to the winter um when the snow comes i don't want you be looking around i'll do for la manila's miami do it for you and and our can you commit to me in august by all you have to sign a child while you did wrong with your role agreement 1103 shovels now elaborately eleven your kid eleven year old kid hair could can we can we do this year so much was he charged verse uh you know reasonable amount first no storm comes here is that clockwork here it is he's got a shovel but it was that year were one of those you if you can say that it was one of those years four years ago run wear the as il and then once i look out here's dad out there with them nobuo envoy because it's just too much so that's what we're rolling with now you know he's qidra advanced and i am not going to just cutting and i think a lot of these driveway i literally the pens but those and take you well over an hour low so someone you shovel now it's true how heavy to how heavy it has now there's different types of the snow shovel always feel sorry for these people there smart i still sorry for them the beginning of the snowstorm and they can look at these guys out there shoveling now well this is not even the good stuff because not bad though they're smart they are because that's the way to do it yes never really gets to crazy on you right i've seen i've seen those snowshovelling brigades at gillette stadium before oh yeah and i've seen and they set up these big shoots in your shovel the snow into the shooting it gus hurtling down by oslo 'some us on what 25 25 in our levin now kazan up and and sweet tickets four hours ticket to the game ono they will be gave him i don't want something that against this give me the unions give me the right order be in the stadium so.

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