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Okay. John is first up to bat. Hi, john. All right. I just wanted to call him. I do not have a microwave deconstructed constructed at years ago. Just to see how it worked and can get along fine without it. Really so use a toaster oven and another one just basically, I just use all cast iron, and double boiler things up the double Boiler Works. Great. Because you can't burn the food. Do you mind? If I ask. Are are you of means? Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm I'm divorced cook most of my own meal, and how old are you? John. Oh, just turned sixty nine sixty nine. Well, you know, I'm surprised you don't have one John. But you're the guy. Thank you so much for joining us and again in a survey of poor households ninety three percent ninety two point three percent. Have a microwave. Diane. What don't you have are? You speaking to me. I am. Okay. 'cause I just talked to you. And I guess I wasn't supposed to I do not have a dishwasher. I am the dishwasher. Really? Yeah. I am. And I don't have a big screen TV. Either. TV that's twenty two years old with the two in the back. I love it. And I don't have dish or satellite or cable or net flicks. Or how old are you? If you don't mind me asking, this is very inappropriate to ask a woman her age, but I'm sixty six sixty six and I pay all my bills. So you're the one. Yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm an oddball. And how how's your retirement pretty good? No, I'm working two jobs. You are really old school, Diane. I know, but that's the way I was raised in. That's ingrained in me. And I think that's great Elaine is next. Thanks, Diane for your call. Hi, elaine. What don't you have? I do not have a dishwasher, and I never have from my parents house to our first house to the house. We now live in. We've never had a dishwasher. And I can watch this just fine. Isn't that something and are you low income? Medium. Okay. Well, you're just saving some money. You know, I I I don't think I could live without a dishwasher. I am just modern man. I couldn't live without air conditioning. That's for sure. How about you, Cathy? What are you missing in your life where I say, it's not me? It's my daughter and she lives in Clayton. And she also does not have a dishwasher, I guess that was a luxury. They don't seem to put in our getting played in in those days lives in Clayton with no dishwasher, correct? Is it because she's low income or she just wants to wash your dishes or no, no? It's the apartment. She has that it's a nice apartment right off. A why down, but it did not come equipped with a dishwasher. No. She has a nice job. It just the apartment didn't have it. Wow. I mean that Clayton landlords. Gotta get with the times dishwashers have been reasonably popular last twenty years that newfangled dishwasher thing all the kids. Have it? Carol you're on KOMO ex hard Charlie never had a dishwasher never had cable. Never had a microwave. What else did you mentioned that never used a credit card? My life got a car. I work on it myself, at least what I can change the oil air filter cetera. This is this is this is Carol David Theroux. That is all school. Why? Because you're letting such an existence. Well, that's your perspective. That's not mine. Saving money. Shirley, I'll tell you. What wouldn't it be great? If the world was run by coupon. Clipping mom. Yes. People like me who could get to eighteen fighters for one, you know, know, how to save money. Save money. We should have you in congress. Carol. Maybe. So Shirley, I've never owned anything to anyone other than utility bills. Which I paid before a team I myself, which may not be the smart, I love I love it. Thank you so much. We could go on all day. But. She writes poetry by a candle at night. But Lee, she's got that AM radio, and that that's all you need. I'm Debby Monterey with your news update. While the US government is back in business. President Trump remains behind closed doors and hasn't had a public event several days. The White House says the president has made his demands for a border wall funding clear and his leading the committee process play out. Meanwhile, Trump's company has admitted for the first time it failed to run proper verification checks on employees says it will now youth e-verify during the hiring process. This after a Washington Post report that nearly a dozen undocumented workers were fired from Trump's golf club during the partial government shutdown. I fly has submitted plans to open near top golf in Chesterfield. The indoor skydiving center offers a.

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