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The pope expressed support for keeping him alive father tom evans met his holiness earlier this month the vatican hospital even offered their services emotions have run high over the case with supporters staging angry protests regularly outside the hospital at times trying to storm it's entrance in the final days of alpha's life his father called for a truce in the divisive case thanking the hospital for their dignity and professionalism place morning after alfie took his last breath the hospital released balloons in his honor alfi's father wrote isn't that sick the hospital is the one that made the decision for him to die reinforced by judicial decision parents their rights were inferior to the rights of the welfare state to the rights of the national health service and the rights of the judicial system their rights were subservient to the state so the state makes the decision that alfie evans will die and then the hospital the very hospital that said we have decided that you shall die releases balloons and has a party to celebrate his short little life this is why i want to be able to use the word aide whole on unrated because every single one of them are pure unadulterated wait till you hear what the cops because remember the cops remember the police station that said if anybody starts posting things on social media in favor of alfie against the hospital will come and check you out oh backups on the royal drive with an accident southbound parker road under twenty five blocking the right lane of parker road us affecting that ramp from southbound i twenty five to parker road i seventy getting busier westbound i seventy jammed up back over to your to seventy commerce city dr crowded they're both directions and so we're traffic on nights twentyfive both sides of the highway downtown at the tech center but for an accident northbound kipling it thirty seconds then restore cast cloudy and breezy tonight boat forty five.

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