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Two cents to get us more than on the on the previous thirteen worse. It seems like a lot for the Preakness, doesn't it? Oh bet. So Hanks about the join us right here. Tiger is I can't say in the fairway and I can't say on the green after that shot. He is. He's, he's often running he teed off. I whole he's two over par coming into today. I hold today snap that so far left on his first T-ball snapped at so far left, that it took several minutes for while it's not the message, call the patron the gallery. The the. Yeah. Yeah. Gary, here's army. It's, it's a public course. In New York City, the people the peeps. Get a pitiable to get the people out of the way. Hey, yo, get out away title as he snapped that he's, he's, he's not that so far left. He merely snap this whole head off, right? Hey, and it landed in the deep deep rough, which is called in Gulf fescue. But a New York fescue is what they told me when I cut them off in traffic. Fest me. No. You. I'm saying that's the way it goes in New York when it plays some Gulf on the throngs Nick. Did you tell me fescue? So, but the ball, you could see it in the fescue and tiger. Got it to the greenside bunker. Wow. And now he's out and he's putting for par. That'd be a scramble. Unbelieva start their own today? Right. So kept is out there. He seven hundred two in front of Jordan's speak, your clubhouse leader at five under after shot four under today. Just like Daniel Burgi. He's four under par periods. Same as Dustin Johnson. Tommy fleetwood. He's four holes into his rounded, a one under four under on the tournament. So that's the way we're rolling right here in the PGA championship will keep an eye on all that is the on the hammer. All right. Here you can you can you can we call the hammer to post right here on the rich Eisen show. Can we do that? Good to see you, Hank. Good to see what's going on having to rich, the capita just put one women and three feet on the first of all, there we go and have midnight, I haven't mind to one is that really? Yeah. You do nine to one that obviously, I'm pretournament, right? Yeah. Okay. Well, what else you got on this on this championship? Anything that's your only ticket. I played Patrick how you say his name, but he can't leave finished his second round. Okay. Very good. All right, Hank. Let's get to it right here before we get to the Preakness. What did you think of that finished? You think that was the rightful d Q of maximum? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I thought that he had to come down. I was on the air at the time. And I said before Bill Maher said that this was the third race. That's your favorite local racetrack. He would have come down within five minutes. I think that the decision that I don't agree with was was suspending fires. For fifteen days. I think he did whatever he could to avoid an accident and did a good job of restoring outwards. So there was no accident NCI. He actually should be praised for, for avoiding any further trouble in the race and he's going to repeal that. I, I hope he wins that those stewards, I agree with what they did. Although I don't know why they had to be acclaim foul. You know, they should have put you know, they should have put it in has a problem before that. And why it took them forty minutes to make a decision. I didn't understand that either. Well, what do you think of the idea of a lawsuit by maximum security, the owners of maximum security Hake? I wouldn't bet on them. Yeah. I mean, how many times can they disqualify this worse this, there's no chance? Right being approved. Now I wonder how what, what is the etiquette of handicapping here? Hank, do you do you go up to Bill Mont and say, how come you didn't, you know, whisper my ear about, you know, the launch shot to win country house. Why didn't you whisper about that? Do you do that expected to win the race with that horse that amazing? You know, he he, he really likes to, you know, there's other horse who you know who was, you know he likes who he had really trained up to that race. And, you know, the race was a fluke. It was written, you know, it was running terrible conditions. There was a lot of a lot of bumping around going on because of tracking so gooey and the horses were hitting each other through the whole the whole race in his horse. In fact that the one the like got knocked around plenty and he ran a big race. Considering all the difficulty ad. I think the Beaumont will be interesting. Okay. Well, let's get to the Preakness right here, Hank the hammer Goldberg on the rich Eisen show. Is this an a large amount of horses for the Preakness? It seems like so, but you, you would obviously better. Okay. Yeah. Usually a lot of a lot of forces, a lot of horsemen pass on the Preakness coming out of the derby, which happened again, but because of the field is not supposed to be as tough this year. A lot of horses entered MS thirteen horses in, but you know horses, but this was an odd year and that there were a few horses who with a break or two could have been in Kentucky Derby but didn't have enough points. And some of them are in this race in one of them. I like a lot. I'll walk. All right. I like it. All right. Anklets get into it. Who do you like a loss in this Preakness? I like bourbon war. I talked to his trainer. Mark Hanna guest today, Mark, and I are good friends and call them he got right back to me. This is a horse that ran in the fountain of youth, and he was second and he's a closer and he was running on a speed and track, and you grant fourth in the Florida derby, and he was just beating out of the third spot. I code of honor who ran a big race in the Kentucky Derby, and, you know, hit the board. But and if this had gotten a little bit of a better started as move a little earlier, he would have beaten code of honor on speed savior track. And, you know, of course, you know, maximum security won that race as loan speed. And he should like the extra disc. Since in this race and talking with with Mark. He's told me that these making little slight it just adjustment. Equipment adjustment. What they call short-term blinkers so that the horse will make his move a little earlier. He's got way war will our way of will rather and warriors charge on either side of them. Both of whom are going to go for the lead early, which will create a lot of room for max are of for bourbon ward. Excuse me. And he should get a real smooth trip and ideal trip from the two post. Okay. And, and this horse he's training great right now. And he's as good as any horses that ran in derby based on his performance on speed favoring tracks in Florida and he should get the best of it because there's a lot of speed in this race. That's up for him. I like the odds of twelve to one right now, as you and I are talking, he won't be twelve to one that he was okay. That guy made a bad line. And when you get a bad line in football, you go for it. And this was a bad line. I, he should be five or six to one and, you know, the trainer agrees with me, no way, I think he's gonna get bed. Okay. I don't think you'll be twelve to one post time but, but I, I came so much. I never bet horses to win. I'm betting this horse to win. Right. That is a very high praise quality endorsement from the hammer. All right. Then how do we fill out a ticket exact trifecta super spout me out here? I don't want say Hank. I wanna sign up. I wanna sign her today. Commute signer. That's all I want. You know, all right. You're ready. I'm ready. Yeah, I should have given you the signer in the last race. Or is this post twenty remember? But I didn't put him on. But I didn't put him on top. Good. Could you imagine it fifty fifty grand right for this super derby or grand cash? But anyway, it's interesting talking with some of the trainers, they horse. They think maybe the one to beat as Owen deal post five, okay? He's ten to one. Okay. He'd be another twist of fate who six to one out of twelve those who got a bad post any wall still when Dale and a race who that was running Kentucky Owen Dale is was a local Lexington stakes set three starts this year. And he's won twice. And he's got the right kind of style. And, and he's getting good at the right time. Okay. I think you have to use improbable 'cause he's the class of the race in, although yeah, I remember. Talking to Elliott Walden from Winstar about possible distance limitations for the source. And he said that, because the sire side was just that. And you said this horse wouldn't have distance limitations while the ratio ran in every would indicate that he thought that he couldn't make the mile and a quarter. He was in good position. And he just didn't fire him stretch. So I'm putting improbable in because I think you have to use them. He's Baffert who an all seven pregnancies that he. Then he won the horses came out of therapy. Okay. And then there's another horse in here called always mining. We six for six are this year is last six races. All of them were run at one track. Moral, he, he won the Tesco, and he came from a little bit off the pace. Normally he's on the lead. But I would put him in there and talking with a couple of trainers. I in fact, talking with with the trainer of bourbon War I asked him about other horses. He said, he looked at film of always mining. He said, that's a good horse. Okay. So what do you hear that scared off by the fact that he's only one at one track. Okay. And remember the tests show used to be run at Pimlico, but they only weren't run twelve races a year. Now FM Moco. So this'll be his first race over that track. So I'm gonna use the to with the five. And the seven and, and the four. Okay, something that comes to five seven you're going to have a signer. Okay. Ooh. So your, your best exact is what to five bourbon Warren Owen deal. Yes, it is. Okay. And if you wanna throw in one more worse. Okay. Who, who will give you the bomb. It's warriors charge who's who's only who's never run into stakes race. But he's two for two, okay? Races at Oaklawn anyone is last by twelve and a half lanes. And he's got a ton of speed. Okay. And he may he may hold on for peace case your best, exact to five, and if you're doing try you have to throw him problem two five four, right? And then two to five seven two five seven. Okay. Very good. Which is.

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