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To qualify ABC traffic in transit from the talk radio seventy seven WABC traffic center I'm tin bottom out of the west bound L. parkway over the Verrazano bridge it's about a mile stop and go there the L. Y. E. a little bit busy in both directions from the Grand Central to the clear view east and westbound or saying cemex or brake lights also on the eastbound side E. L. I. E. ista queen's Boulevard for about a mile to little bit sluggish seeing some company as well on the cross Bronx on the southbound side third AB over the Alexander Hamilton bridge over the Hudson River crossings take your ticket to get a ride at the George Lincoln and Holland tunnels elsewhere in New Jersey westbound seventy eight over the north extension bridge's road work left lane close there in the turnpike truck leasing construction southbound exit fourteen down exit thirteen two left lanes closed until Monday at five AM I'm Jim Bonham on talk radio seventy seven WABC your sever Valentine with your weather forecast now your forecast from the Ramsey Mazda weather center nice day today overall partly sunny skies are high seventy eight but we do have a forty percent chance of showers free to watch out for showers and isolated thunderstorms possible with winds to eleven miles per hour now overnight we have mostly cloudy skies a low is sixty eight light winds to ten miles per hour currently sunny day tomorrow with a high seventy six with a fifty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms and if they happen some of those storms could bring heavy rainfall with winds to thirteen miles per hour that is your forecast from the Ramsey monster weather center I'm Deborah Valentine this is an other fake news stories tomorrow morning at ten we should get people to ask questions it's only covering the truth with Rudy Giuliani we get to talk to the people who really.

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