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The host who caused an uproar with his recent on air comments on white supremacy days after the mass shooting in el Paso in the past two weeks small in the past two weeks more companies like the the meditation nap calm and the online lending start up so fi joined them in leaving Tucker Carlson's show but he's also lost I hop ancestry dot com trade so forth and so on because of comments he's made about immigrants uneasily as if he's not even hiding it is the thing so here's a something that I think I might need in the in the in light of people like Tucker Carlson being on the radio and not to water a polo teams people are inhaling vodka from balloons all I saw this video at bars so the most innovative thing I ever did with vodka is you know Serbs injected with the you know in orange with vodka and sneak it into a football game but the the sun has reported a new trend be loved by they said youngsters several bars in the U. K. are now offering you the chance to pay five pounds to get your very own balloon filled with gaseous of vodka which you can then inhaled and drunk almost instantly yeah it's it's it's vaping I knew that I got a thing from from IV that you can do this really how we did it at a party sounds dangerous that's why I asked you guys can have that it just seems dangerous to me I I don't know the way it works is machine vaporizes the vodka turns it into a gas which you can then carry around with you in a little balloon and then it seems to be designed to get you drunk more quickly some unnamed teams eighteen year olds can drink in the U. K. pull the sun that it takes strong and pretty gross at first but it gets the job done baby no job of getting wasted okay the people really have a hard time getting wasted I don't problem Utah county search and rescue crews are desperately trying to reach stranded twenty one year old man near the summit of mount Timpanogos on Tuesday night I don't know if they got him down I soon they have seventy five year old man that the twenty one year old on the trail in called report that he was stranded based on GPS coordinates of the man's location now they estimated that the hiker was stranded at approximately ten thousand feet just below the summit they call in a helicopter but it was in a good night and I haven't seen a reporter an update on the report to see if they got him off of there but I would assume that they did well this is Justin and a judge in Washington state is scheduled a trial date in civil lawsuit over the deaths of Susan **** pals children court records obtained by fox thirteen show that the judge scheduled a trial beginning in February of twenty twenty in Judy and shop Cox's lawsuit against Washington's department of social and health services the parents of Susan hawk power alleging negligence by the agency the contributed to the deaths of Charlie and Braden Powell in twenty twelve and and you should really they they have a case I would say those kids have never been alone with him during a search of the home that Josh Powell lived in a he was a suspect in his wife's disappearance during a a search that of the home he lived in police discovered evidence of bore your resume by his father Steve Powell who was later convicted and served prison time that led to Charlie and Braden being taken into state protective custody in twenty twelve the boys were dropped off by a child welfare case worker for a visit with Josh he grabbed the boys slammed the door in her face then took a hatchet to the children and blew up the house all three of them were killed show but after they found the Steve pal creepy stuff they should those kids have should never have been allowed back in no not with now I don't think they were supposed to be in there alone with the this is the case worker was going to stay there but Powell Josh well managed to you know push her yeah it was a woman yep pusher back and slammed the door lock it all happened very fast the **** family sued a year later alleging Washington state did not take adequate measures to protect the boys innocent innocent victims and so I would think they have a case so I got mocked a year ago or so we're talking about blue green algae and Utah where mocked but the toxic blue green algae that's responsible it is now responsible for killing several dogs and this is across the country and here in Utah the Utah department of environmental quality so that they've spotted blue green algae in nearly a dozen lakes around the state and if your dog swims in it it will kill it and if you swim in it it's not good either the Utah department of environmental quality said that they've reported nearly a dozen lakes the blooms are only continuing to grow as we approach September because it's been so hot a a lawsuit alleging a rape at the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints missionary training center is now on hold a brief hearing on Monday McKenna Dennison ask for more time to find new attorneys some are intimidated by the fact that it's the Mormon church and other firms that we that and other firms want to take the case she said the judge gave her six weeks to find an attorney to continue the case I don't want to go to court without an attorney I think it would be foolish on my part a she's the woman who alleged that she was raped by former NPC president Joe is a big deal Anna it back in nineteen eighty four and he's essentially admitted to impropriety he's he's an old old guy now living I think he lives in Idaho now but he he's a he's a quite old and he's admitted to some improprieties although I believe he continues to deny that he ever raped anyone and cardinal George Pell well an Australian court upheld the sexual abuse conviction of cardinal Pell the highest ranking Roman Catholic leader ever found guilty in a criminal court in the church's child sex abuse crisis hello is seventy eight he was once an adviser to pope Francis and had he had been sentenced us to the whole six years in prison a whole six years the that's it yeah and so yeah and then I finally what Denmark there bewildered upset and angry the country is up angry enough seventy Wilder because well first president trump said yeah I think I'd like to buy Denmark yeah when I marked as it's not for sale not by Denmark Greenland Greenland I'd like to buy Greenland they said Denmark who owns with that's a protectorate of Denmark said well green land isn't for sale and then president from said well you know I was supposed to come over Denmark for state visit but I'm not coming now okay men men fine don't I would say a mile in Denmark but he does say that you know I think Vladimir Putin think Russia they should be back in the G. seven it should be the G. eight again they need to be back in you see was Obama who push them out of the G. the G. eight No Way wasn't now it was the it was the other nations yeah who banded together and said if you don't get out of Ukraine you can't be part of the exact Russia if you don't get out of Ukraine you can be part of this this economic summit and Russia has still not done that and so they haven't let Russia back if knows Obama no it wasn't the other he doesn't have that kind of power I think will lead by stupid yes and the you know Gina delta flight attendants made a passenger very happy how so they dubbed her the best cough queen I don't get this what couple delta airlines flight attendants made the they have a passenger the self proclaimed cookie lover she says I always like delta because they have this ball of cookies I know you love those because what I do they made her a crown out of of cookies this call of cookie packages and know this was possible well it was on that flight they end but you know you can go to the grocery store and buy this golf course I yeah I do you don't have to fly so I don't know why this was a this is a big deal but.

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