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If you missed about interview with pink, Matt where can check it out right now on our website and four three my m dot com and stick around your chance to score tickets to my takeover of six flags. Magic mountain is on the way at eight thirty five Dr Margaret turnoff ski with Sibley Memorial Hospital works to approve healthcare for local women. My name's mill deter NAS key. I am at staff attending gynecologic oncologists at Sibley Memorial Hospital affiliated with Johns Hopkins medicine in here since two thousand two spire by anyway. Woman that has accomplished what no one expected them to accomplish. I always knew that. I wanted to be a physician to very exciting time to be a practicing. Call chemotherapies that we're using now the biologics targeted therapies, the HP vaccination. We're ten years into the vaccines. We could look at an era that we are cervical cancer free that time for breaking open education is now because I have even grander affect on women's health as part of Johns Hopkins medicine Sibley Memorial Hospital suburban hospital and John Hopkins community physicians are improving health care for women and setting the standard of excellence in research and treatment. Visit Hopkins medicine dot org. Parties that he asks one party or do you want and? Party. If you have a birthday or Saturday coming up soon. Transform your party by entering at ultimate dream party dot com. You can win the ultimate party package five hundred dollars towards grief oud tunes for your party playlist, and of course, a five hundred dollar gift card party city. So bring your to life at ultimate party dot com. The United States three six for complete details. Visit WWW Donald Duck off.

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