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Rolled to the side. The dog landed face first in the mud and Heracles dove at its next with his arms outstretched he managed to encircle two but the third escaped his grasp. It bit down hard on Herrick lease arm. He could feel the snakes. Snapping at his cloak and he watched in horror as a writhing. Cobra. Made for his ankle herrick lease released the dog pushing it away and taking off in the opposite direction. He tore through the marsh hearing the beast charging after him. It's heads snapping at his heels. Herrick lease knew he could never run the dog, but he might be able to make it to the dock. He flew toward the wooden platform with Cerberus at his heels. When he reached the edge, he stopped himself and stepped neatly aside smiling as cerberus careened into the rivers sticks. As the dog paddled frantically against the current herrick lease took all three heads under his arm. He jumped into churning groundwater and used his free hand to pull them both toward the distant shore. By the time they got to the far side of the river. They were both exhausted herrick lease knew that if he was going to get the dog up to the world of the living, now was his chance he released his grip on the dog's heads while it was still coughing up river water. Then he seized it by its back legs and began dragging it up towards the rocky hillside in the distance. Herrick lease walked for miles up through narrow passageways every. So often cerberus would twist his entire body and nearly knock herrick lease off his feet but still held on his shoulder began to ache and his legs nearly gave out beneath him. But he knew he could not let go even for a single second. Finally when he thought he couldn't take another moment. He saw a light at the end of the passageway. At the site of the light cerberus stopped snarling and began to whimper like an injured puppy as they drew closer to the sunlight herrick realized something. This dog had never seen the sun before he was afraid of it heroically suddenly felt a pang of pity tug at his heart he side and stroked one of the dogs heads trying to coax it out onto the green field bathed in bright summer sunlight. As heroic lease cajoled him out onto the field cerberus, put his paws over two of his sets of is the third head. He pushed into a mound of earth to escape the light. All three heads began to yell in fear his torso convulsed with a tremendous rushing sound one after the other the heads vomited all over the grassy field. Herrick Leigh's is grew wide as the frothy bile burned through everything. It touched. He grinned he couldn't wait to bring this dog to.

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