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There have actually been three times in this is no longer just about elimination games in playoff history there have been three times a team has won a playoff game in which the starter went zero two thirds of one inning we have got three games most recently in game four of the 1980 one world series bob welsh was starting for the dodgers and welches outing went like so willie randolph triple larry melbourne double dave winfield walk or do jackson single dave goals jolts a hit look these things up for dave g replaces bob wealth pitching and better ninth so welsh lasted four batters he retired none of them in that game inning ended with the yankees in the dodgers to nothing and the dodgers ultimately one eight two seven so 1980 81 bob welsh zero outs and and the doctors to one before that we go back to nineteen of forty seven we have got v brooklyn dodgers who uh who defeated the new york yankees three two this is game for the world series and nothing forty seven had enough i said that for anyway so harry taylor was the starter for the brooklyn dodgers and harry taylor's outing went so stuff snuffy stern weiss single tommy henrik i can i got it done wrecked tummy henrik single yogi berra hina that one fearless choice but there was an error and then joe dimaggio walked with the bases loaded at that point harry taylor was removed he was relieved by halla gregg who then got a pop fly and a doubleplay so even though harry taylor retired none of the first four batters he was moved from the game the yankees for just one run in the inning now this game became much more incredible later on because even though the dodgers did score a run in the fifth inning that narrowed the scored a two to one yankees bill bevan's started this game for the yankees and i'm just gonna make sure i'm not mispronouncing be vince well in any way bill bevan's from salem oregon he was starting a for the yankees and here's the really interesting thing about this game.

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