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The patrick crew under george huning and i don't know who's calculation this worse but some body had figured out we don't need a full tank let's calculate just the amount of fuel that he needs and that'll be it and so i think they've figured eleven seconds and you had the fuel are and somebody was standing by the fuel and tapping them on the back one two for money got to eleven stop and so off johncock goes and i remember the the crew doing high fives and everybody was surprised and that was a timed fuel stop which is very common now but i was not aware that had ever been done it may have been but certainly the penske team hadn't figured that out and at that time for another team to out think penske that didn't happen very often and so now whenever things sorted out and mir sort of gets the tars warmed up there's a deficit of light thirteen seconds so you think well that's that's too much to overcome and then each time he came by he was lopping off like a second second and a half a lap and i remember thinking at the time due dot throw a yellow officials whatever happened do not throw a yellow and then i think it was three laps to go and steve of who was running third either popped in engine or had something happen so it was a big puff of white smoke and he comes into the pets and i'm thinking officials if you throw a yellow the fans are gonna tear the grandstands down there will be no immediate effort straight way left jordan john hey this started this ace turn to now benefited never do on the backstretch still gordon john he's about ten jose streak down the drain doc gordon johncock off turn mirrors has right behind him there was a shot of mir's having stopped and the helmet comes off have sought comes off and he's still in the cockpit now some people will get out of the car and then do it well he took it off while he was sitting there and he's sitting in a cockpit headshot comes off hairs all marsh and he has this huge grin on his face and i thought that is so neat because he lost the race but he enjoyed the competition he's an enthusiast he enjoyed the.

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