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And Riverside. You're on ESPN 1000. What's up, Scott? All right. My thoughts are you know why not make sense in at the center? I mean, he can't shoot. You're never going to teach him to shoot. He's got every other skill to be potentially a great center. Well, his main skill said, though, is facilitating on the offensive end with the ball in his hands. He just can't shoot. Yeah. So why can't you facilitate from down low a little bit, and he can, he can still play up high and drive. You can still facilitate from up high and taking roles and everything else in and take shooting out of his game. Yeah, and Scott with the smart thing about that is like that's what Doc Rivers didn't do. He didn't do that with Ben Simmons or Joel and beat in this playoffs here. I mean, Idiot. It irritates me watching the Sixers play and Joel and beads standing out at the three point line, waiting for the ball to come back to him. And then it's the shot clock's winding down and shoots up at three, which she can hit. But most of the time at the end of games, he doesn't have the legs and then it's clanked off the front of rim. Yeah. Joe and Bead should always be on the block. Nobody in the league can stop him when he's on the block, And I think what Scotty suggesting there is if you put Ben Simmons on the block to Simmons is crafty enough to have the advantage on smaller guards like why don't they do that Doc Rivers should take a lot of heat for the way this team melted down against the Hawks in that series. Absolutely. You can watch us on twitch twitch dot T v slash ESPN 1000 Chicago. Carmen Carsey knows that. Didn't Chris just put an end to this conversation? 35 mil and he can't shoot And then Mr Fuzzy buns for responded. 35 million is where it should end. Well, I mean, listen, I just wanted to say that there's a Mr Fuzzy Buns four shout out to Mr Fuzzy Bones for getting your working. Get it in fuzzy buns or Yeah, right, Mr Fuzzy bonds, you know, and you can watch the show on Twitch, ESPN 1000 Chicago. If you want more stars, you're going to have to pay for him. In in the position that the Bulls are in. It's not like there's many available. Yeah, and I told you that A K mark. Obviously, they want to add all stars to this team adversely was in Philadelphia. You think he doesn't know that the flaws and Ben Simmons scheme he is he is that he would. No, I would say if you if you really want to start contact connecting dots on Where players could go in the future. Do you know who Ben Simmons agent is? You know who his agent is Its rich Paul. Mm. You know who would look really nice next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis probably wouldn't need to shoot then as a point guard. Yeah, probably Ben Simmons. So, just like, keep an eye on these things because it's it really is You know, Okay. You don't want them for the Bulls? That's fine. If you don't think he's the type of player that you want, I get that. But don't point out the money because for 3 10 time all star who's not even 25 yet you're gonna have to pay that. Like you're not going to find these guys for $15 million Montas and bowling Brook. You're on ESPN 1000. Hey, guys, what's going on? Hey, So I just I just thought about this, too, right? Really had this kind of player back in the day and then Eric Snow, right? Eric knows a guy that To facilitate the ball, played great defense never turned it over and put people in the right position and couldn't really score. So and he was very, very serviceable in that Larry Brown off it, even though they had Allen Iverson, but he was a great player for that system. And for that scheme, same thing with Ben Simmons. I mean, If you don't ask him to score, he will do everything else that you need out of a player. He'll play defense will facilitate. He won't turn the ball over, which seems to be a huge thing that a lot of players do in the NBA. Is they turned the ball over too much as far as when some of the games I watch. Um what's your thoughts? Montage. You're right. Some of the high usage players don such LeBron even Yannis. They turned the ball over a time, and I think that's why Chris Paul was so influential with the sons of this season, Chris Paul, then turn the ball over. He played the point guard position the way it's supposed to be played, and they're one of the best teams in the league, and he helped them a lot because that's what you need. You need a, but he can also shoot to. Yes, Chris Paul is a better player. Is he a much better player? He can. He adds that veteran presence where it seemed like Ben Simmons got into his head a lot and wouldn't and wouldn't shoot, which is which was the problem, Jerry on the North side. You're on ESPN 1000 sub Jerry myself as Gary Baby. I know what's up, Gary? Where Steve's Yo All right, man, I'm going to preface that There's been a ton of players who made great careers out of being single skill, Guys. Rebounder three point shooters, etcetera, but no, no, no, no. Ben Simmons, man. No, we can't. We can't have that man. No, I mean he was the threes. Dynamic point guard play. Certainly you've got it, but he's lacking three point shooting and mid range shooting. He can't shoot free throw line and then don't forget free throw percentage..

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