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Trump's a state of emergency is troubling. But he is doing a power grab the track all around us and you'll billions of dollars from other funds. It's wrong. And it's it's very troubling. The congressman says congress is supposed to control the purse strings, not the White House, but Republican congressman Ken buck says it seemed to be okay when other presidents did it. But it's been used over thirty times since it was passed by congress. This is nothing new the Democrats want to make it sound like some new overreach. The reality is it's been used by a lot of presidents for a lot of different reasons. Bucks says he hopes the emergency declaration won't get tied up in the courts saying that would be a bad precedent. The family of state trooper killed on the side of the road. In Douglas county says it's devastated by a second mistrial in the case truckdriver, Noah Gomez, Ruiz's accused of swerving. Onto the shoulder of I twenty five where trooper Cody Donohue was making a traffic. Stop near Toma road district attorney, George Brock ller, saying a prosecution witness revealed information in his testimony that was not in his report to the extent that law enforcement failed to provide a piece of information that we didn't further explore discover and turnover to the defense, and we inquired about it. In court. Yeah. I accept the responsibility says the case will move forward expecting the judge to set a new trial date next week RTD says it's terminated the light rail train operator involved in last month's derailment. In a rural RTD saying the train took the curve at sable ex exposition too fast and country superstar Dierks Bentley says he's back Byun of the next summer. I'm so excited to announce that seven peaks festival is coming back to Colorado August thirtieth to September first Labor Day weekend is like last year. Last year was the first festival next update at one thirty David KO KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM..

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