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With MAC and Gaydos News Well if you take a look at the Phoenix police department Let me give you a couple of statistics In two thousand seventeen There were twenty. One. Officer involved shootings okay In two thousand sixteen there. Were twenty five shootings. In two thousand fifteen there were seventeen shootings we're halfway. Through this year and there are thirty one so they tied a record. The. All time high the all. Time high yeah and it will. Be broken unfortunately someone. Is going, to die this is what happens you know unfortunately there's going to be a criminal out there and there's. Going to be a. Fight in somebody's gonna? Somebody's gonna pass away why is this happening? Is this something that we should worry about because the Phoenix police did tie, the. Record for for shootings in this year right and back then that spurred. A study by ASU and calls for reform let's talk to Darren, Birch retired Phoenix police sergeant and author twisted but true. Stories, from DARREN'S own? Experience in law enforcement. Darren how, are you. I'm good yourself back pretty good pretty good. So As a former cop is a former law, enforcement agent does it bother you that they've already tied. The, all time record? And what do you. Think it, says about. Phoenix Yeah it absolutely concerns me, is becoming very violent out there very dangerous to be a police officer I, think what it saying that there's a lot of factors that played there's no doubt about it but what I'm seeing Excuse me what I'm seeing. There's this intense. Attitude of disrespect for hatred toward police ends in all facets of our society, politics these various anti police groups media social media and I, think, this barrage of I guess you could call an anti cop rhetoric is growing. Like a cancer reaches that wrong person at the wrong time and their life whether, it's mental health issues like depression or a crew. Filming oh, that ends up using it as? Kind of like fodder towards against the police and because what we're seeing. These police shooting is the act of aggression towards place whether it's. An armed, person or or a vehicle I mean what was it a year ago we saw that person that tried to run over. Three officers, come out it could be in store and that would. Even a police shooting you know obser-. Free to use other means to their spoil SEL less lethal alternatives to. Stop that person who tried, to kill them so So that's, my concern yeah I agree with you Darren I think that, I, don't think cops are trigger happy I think that criminals are more violent and. Police then have to act a little bit more aggressively to make sure they get, home to their families so my next question for. You is, if this is the case and? Criminals are more violent and they're getting shot do police need to be. Retrained in any way in this day and age with the new. Type of, criminal that's out there one that will take on a police officer instead of doing what they're told sit down don't say. Anything Yeah Yeah my gut reaction is no. Stay on. Course we have a lot of less lethal alternatives out, there which is a good. Thing I think what we need to do more of and not that we haven't been doing good job, this but is instead of fighting fire with fire is is go out there to the community and changed that radically changed that. Dialogue we're doing a good job with. That we just need to continue on that path and car ride the storm. Out hopefully this will be nominally and next, year the following, years you, know the appreciating will go. Down he'll be less anger towards police out, there but I do believe in community based policing and really having great programs out, there you, know interact with the mental health, committee interact with all sorts of aspects of our community Darron. Burke she's a retired, Phoenix police, sergeant author of the book, twisted but. True You know, you are you're caught for. A long time and you saw people on, the street you saw the reaction that people had what do you think it is, is it, the fact that they are emboldened, or is it that they say how can somebody think they. Can take on a. Cop and, win I just don't understand, that mentality No I think you're you're. Right when you use the. Word embolden, you, know because you. Can't watch YouTube turn. On the TV and I see some, social media video out there of various I use the word, loosely citizens you know with these f. bombs and. Taunting police. When the police are doing with some type of disturbance and then they add fuel to the fire. We didn't have that before I mean we we'd. Had Ellison society are anti police that's just name of the game, criminals but we're seeing. More and more of these if you will normal citizens that have this embolden, aspect towards police they're resisting so police officers are now in a. Position, where they're doing. What, would have, been a normal rest they're, almost all these resisting. Because they're emboldened out there'd be anti please this disrespecting as making the. Police officer death so much more difficult. I've talked to some fear officers? That were around in the sixties and seventies and they're even saying that day, is more violent than back then well Darren Birch retired Phoenix police? Sergeant author of the book twists Darren thanks, so much we appreciate it Any, time my friends I'll. Police in Phoenix tire record for shootings we're only six, months in, and the chief has said we want we want some. Help, from a national organization coming up next. We've got the big four at four we'll take the first twenty minutes of the four o'clock hour in. Present for big blockbuster stories to you get some perspective with Bruce in panel at Uber shut, down their autonomous cars after a, fatality just four months ago at Phoenix. But they're talking about restarting the program how soon will? We, see self-driving Uber's in the valley, again, believe me.

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