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The southeast Southwest freeway if you're traveling in the third street tunnel northbound you're clear toward New York avenue I'm rob stallworth OP traffic Thank you rob Let's get our weather now with storm team forest chuck bell chuck It looks like it's going to be a very beautiful day Yes indeed Sun is shining for now Here at ten 20 in the morning temperatures have responded nicely We're back to at least what would be an average higher advertised 46 We're now 46 in downtown Washington $44 airport 46 in Charlottesville and Fredericksburg already up to 54 down in Harrisonburg Virginia and with the sunshine enjoying enjoy it all the way into the mid 50s today I'm going to go 56 for a high here in Washington Now there will be some extra high clouds rolling in once we get later on into the afternoon but there's no chance for rain really across the region until a few sprinkle chances roll in late tonight and then an occasional rain shower or two not totally out of the question tomorrow but that's because the warm air Laden with moisture is coming back into the picture So mid 50s today turning cloudy tonight but nowhere near cold for Santa Temperatures tonight will hover in the mid to upper 40s which would be above an average high temperature for this time of the year Saturday Christmas Day mostly cloudy again on occasional rain shower not out of the question but 66° on Christmas only 5 short of the all time record of 71 which was set back in the year 1964 Now Sunday we'll be in another sunny day a little breezy at times wins will be out of the northwest Sunday's highs still well above average at 58° Monday the clouds return and that will keep us a little chillier We'll stay in the 40s with The Rain chance on Monday and there's a pretty good chance that we're going to end up with a some amount of rain each and every day next week Sunshine will really be out of premium and temperatures will stay way above average next week so it will be all rain chances and no shot for a snowflake I'm storm team four meteorologist chuck bell for W TOP Thank you chuck His WeatherTech brought to you by nook home design Right now say 50% on all roofing materials Visit new lacombe design dot com It's ten 22 New this morning and first here on WTP a woman is dead and a safety for the Washington football team to shazer Everett is hurt badly after a rollover crashing loud and county It happened last night at 9.

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