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Number four kkob bryant or cristiano rinaldo again all of these close um man kobe made a lot of money and he played for twenty years but rinaldo is is at the top of the food chain in europe i'm going to go rinaldo i'm gonna call he still making money now going cobi i'm gonna go rinaldo it is colby were these earnings during his playing career tops all time among team athletes he had the highest nba salary the final six seasons of his career he launched kobe yank venture capital firm with one hundred million of funding renamo's rinaldo and the when michael jordan or tiger woods i'm just go in jordan because he's older any has brand jordan he has his own shoe line tiger is a is a human atm so i could be wrong again when i'm going jordan in a tigers lost all of his endorsement as a matter it's everything is made right but jordan warrior honor to any other jordan brain like you said i'll shoes payroll clothing known more jordan it is jordan it's not as far apart as you think jordan only made four million as a player during fifteen seasons so right only made more he made near and i i was seeing any he's made more money post he only made four million during two of his fifteen seasons partner with dozens of brands jordan brand exploded three point one billion worldwide he's were he's made one point eight billion tigers made one point seven billion and contrary to what you said greg he still has really big endorsement deals with tailormade and bridgestone.

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