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I don't think throat punch out. He won't like jump in the crowd at the palace and try and do anything. You You know. know, you got a lotta talented kid just the way that starts, you know, it's not going to end in a really positive place for Andrew Wiggins. So we were talking about Lonzo before and Ben has been. I wanna say unimpressed by what you've seen Lonzo so far, but you're definitely far from sold and you haven't seen anything special, would that be? I haven't say I haven't seen anything special. I just don't know what's going on out, like kind of having some question marks about so many different things with this young kid. I'm not attacking his character and I just haven't been as impressed as I thought I would be. So he's he's, he's probably the second best rebounding Gardner game behind Russell Westbrook Namie about a rebound guard. I can't think of one. I know you're absolutely right. He does a great job. We bought him out if I was still classy. Man, you should try rebound like we're on. So he he played enough game. He would have finished talk, ten percents, second-best rebounding got he has some of the best vision in a game. I tell clay all the time, say, man, you play along the way he throws the ball. All you got to run the floor. He drops it. They call a drop it in the bucket for guys Kouzmin Ingram to finish at the rim. He's one of the best in the league at that already. He's, he can get you ten points even with that. Funky looking shot. He can get you ten. So he's, he's he's better defensively than anybody that's in passing lanes and creates havoc shots. Yeah. And Ben, I seen him. He's had what? Three or four triple doubles. So I don't know why. I don't know why you dump this kid. Okay. So he doesn't have the pure shooting touch of of Bradley Beal or Klay, or Kevin Durant or Steph, but he can play. Honestly, like when I look at the small sample size and that's what we have, and I know his game comes down to feel and I am a fan of his game. I don't know. There's somebody is not come much basketball. I love so much I watch for you. It's not coming together. I just like he's comfortable in his own skin. I don't feel like he has this -sarily one hundred percent focus on getting better basketball, too many stories of him not wanting to put in the extra work really. Absolutely. And I heard that I think he has trouble finishing around the rim. I know he's. Better. Come on. We'll see about it. I mean, what? What makes Lonzo so interesting. And I think so hard to peg is the things that he does. Well, he often does exceptionally well particularly at his position in this piece that I, that I mentioned that I wrote at the ethnic last year. There were only two rookies who finished top five for assists per game. Rebounds per game, steals per game blocks per game and double doubles. Ben Simmons Lonzo ball. How about that Ben, Ben Lyon, that's impressive, but buck his issues. His issues goring are real real for now. Just just when you're doing it on a bad team, it's just totally different culture. But what he's doing that sort of stuff though is difficult to one team like blocking shots point guard position is difficult to do. I don't care what team that blocking so many shots that I'm like, wow. His block rate was second on the team for anybody who played minutes behind brick Lopez. He was horrible. That's my point. So like quoting all these stats from a horrible team that was. Horrible team though. Actually, five games. They were actually not a horrible team with a lot of injuries that to deal with it could've won forty. They could have been a five hundred team in west with no all stars. That's not easy to do not give them for Don, but they weren't that far from it though. Man. I don't know. I don't know. We saw play every game..

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