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People around the globe to change their diet. According to a new study AP's Jackie Quinn reports the need to limit their intake of red meat and switch to a more plant based diet, which is better for Cubans. They had for the environment. Just one hamburger a week for eggs and seven servings of dairy the rest of the time people should be eating whole, grains, beans and vegetables, that's the recommendation from a panel of experts in nutrition agriculture and the environment who contributed to a report for the group eat, which is calling for a major food transformation by the year. Twenty fifty they say less meat will help improve people's health and the health of the planet by reducing greenhouse gases. That are linked to raising cattle. I'm Jacky Quin. An agricultural tourism pioneer has died. Her Teichmann founded a cherry pit spitting competition that drew international competitors and attention to southwest Michigan. The international cherry pit spitting championship was launched in the nineteen seventies as a lark. But also to Mark the region's tart cherry harvest, the Pittsburgh became a popular attraction and the forty fifth annual event was held last summer Taishan and his wife, Liz owned tremendous fruit farm near oak, Claire, he opened the farm for a pick your own fruit harvest before coming up with the competition is daughter Ladele, sage tells the south bend Tribune refunder light seeing other people enjoy the farm and wanted to share the beauty that is here. A local funeral home says Tyson died Monday to hospice center, he was eighty eight. A UN report says the world's thirst for fresh water is causing a salty problem. The study by researchers from Canada the Netherlands and South Korea diesel emission plots around the world producing enough Brian waste to swamp an area the size of Florida with a foot of salty water every year. Researchers won't that much of the Brian is being dumped untreated into the sea and some is causing harm to see life because of toxic chemicals, the researchers called for better Brian management, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia which rely heavily on diesel nation. They noted that studies have shown Brian can be used in equa cultures to boost yields of salt, tolerant species of fish and the metals and salts contained in it could be mind. AP radio news. I'm Tim McGuire special counsel,.

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