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Like I can't remember who said it there's black theologian. Who talked about the diseased? What did he say? The Disease Social Imagination of America and basically what what he said like the reason like we can't imagine anything it's like it's also supported by psychology. The reason we can't imagine anything better for ourselves right now is because we're we're still in the middle of our trauma like an until like we start doing the work of forgiving ourselves of what we think we did like. We'll never he'll let me tell you. What though when you are willing like unwillingness is everything? It's just like your intent like this is another course in miracles thing is basically. Your intention doesn't mean anything. Your willingness is everything if you are willing to start rifling through your baggage few are willing to say I. I WanNa let this go like it's it's almost just like once you're willing to do something you it's like magic happens it's like Oh my God. I'm doing the thing I thought I could never do because I was willing. I don't and other things that he says. No No. It definitely definitely resumes and I mean. That's that's sort of something that I that's a word I always come back to. You is resonate. He no like what you're saying hits me and my get vibrates. You know like there's truth then that there is there's something about being open open to the change and being ready to put that for step forward and I mean it's not as if that is a trivial thing you know like that that takes time to get there for a lot of people and Mike and that and I think that's. It's it's a dual thing it's just like you're already there and this is your first step. It's that weird. It's a weird sort of paradox. Thing I think Pete Holmes was saying it on a couple of different PODCASTS. He's just like I wish people could just see that they're already pretty home. You know and I keep coming back to that thing of does it all just say come home like it's it's like it takes time to learn that your body is a home and that your body can be a home for you and that it's not just a flesh prison. I mean it's it's not a flush prison like it's not a prison like it's such. It's so beautiful and and that is something that I'm willing to to talk about for forever right and I've been blessed blessed with a sunny disposition as well as Wellbutrin Zoloft and I have no problem being everyone's cheerleader rate. Great I think that role suits very well and Mike and I always know your genuine whenever you post something whenever you put something up. That is an encouragement to someone. I I know that because I know you and I know we already talked about intention and how. It's not everything but I know that the intent behind what you're doing is is to encourage people in that is that's a wonderful thing and I'm glad you're out there doing the things that you're doing. I'm not crying you're crying thank you I received. That's very kind. Thank you. You're welcome and I'm I'm so glad that you on these. Last few years have had been so Productive for you in the very good sense of that word and that like the catalyst almost health scape of this You know like not just capitalist sort of you've done on these things in your years have been productive. It's that you've aw you produced again using that language of fruits like you've found something and moved from something bad something better better to something could. Yeah and I think that's really the the the crux of it is like. I've been reading star Hawks On the spiral dance and in it they talk about the birth of the world from From like an old religion perspective or the witch tradition and she I would say that the universe was not created but it was born. And so from that. It's like this idea. I keep thinking about that. Like how everything that it comes forth from within us. It's something that is not necessarily created but it's it's born of us and so it's almost I can see. It's it's the same thing it's just like you know rather than producing for like it's like we grew this. You know we've grown. We grew this thing together. And it's one of those things just like any any life is is tended by many farmers right and so it's like everyone's had a hand and for good or for ill you know people are always coming by our vines and dressing them however they want to use that language and such a fucking Christian God damn but that's the thing is like I am. I believe you when you say that because I see it as as well and I can't tell you how good it feels to say that like Everything that it's one of those things like I grew up. Hearing that gay people bull leg got AIDS and died and while that is that like you know the AIDS epidemic is a huge part of our collective story that is not not the end of the story and that is not the only story and like I look at my life now. I couldn't I wrote a book and I'm getting a masters and you know. Yeah sure I've got like a shit dad but like who doesn't you know money's not even real and plus like when the Earth Burns up nine years like we're all we're GONNA get student loans forgiven so make a boy. Yeah that got dark real quick. Oh Man I am nothing again that sunny disposition I have just a blessing. God well yeah I mean absolutely just recognize nuys where you've come from and where you are now and take take pride and and that and that's that's wonderful I think you I think you should. I'm really glad that we were able to talk a little bit about your fourth your forthcoming book. And how how you've changed over these past couple of years there's an just catch up on the air. It's been I value and I'm really excited to see this next chapter for you. And where can people. We'll find you online. Where can they find your book all those dates? Just plug it all right. You can find me on the Internet at the the Kevin Garcia that's the Kevin Garcia Dot Com. I'm on social media platforms at the Kevin Garcia if you Google me. I'm the first result DOC. I've worked very hard on that in. Check out my new book. Bad Theology kills subtitle undoing toxic belief and and was it undoing toxic. Believe in reclaiming your spiritual authority. Yeah Reclaiming Spiritual Authority. I really need to get down like I said Petr better. They'll get jumble in the words. 'CAUSE dyslexia real And it's actually coming out in January. We're pushing back the release date because Our dear friend Mike McCarthy is GONNA be writing look forward to my cow congratulations. I am certain so thrilled. I got to spend Thanksgiving with them. It was so lovely on. That's awesome. That's great and I mean it's a bad thing was it wasn't even fucking warm. I went to California. I need to be warm and it was cold. So fuck you. La just can't and my podcast. A tiny revolution is going to be back. Jack January twenty twenty As we jump into the first question I want to explore which is what is masculinity. And we'RE GONNA be talking about it from like twenty wanting different perspectives. That'll be very odd. My Gosh I'm really really not just masculine name. But also like what what is queer masculine and also like what is you know in a world where we know what toxic masculinity looks like and we can pointed out what where are the examples of healthy healthy good masculinity coming from and I think explain that from my own perspective as a gender queer person is going to be really fun talking with Trans man talking with Trans Women talking with women talking with everyone so those interviews are happening right now. And I'm going to edit it together a little bit more like less of an interview style and more like a serial doc docu style. I'm excited for never tried this before. Yeah that's interesting What else if you WANNA book Tarot Reading You can do that on my website to If you want to preorder the book you can do to Kevin Garcia Dot com uh-huh slash book. And if you want to send me a love letter You know I'm not coach. I don't want that to someone suggested you have a po box. And I'm dislike technically speaking. Yes but also. Oh that'd be overwhelming that's true you know. Drop me a line on the twitter verse. Like I'm very I try to get. I try to interact with as many people as possible. GimMe a shot on the ground and very active there and then also in the comments below. Tell me what I could fix about my face surgically you know my God. What exact listen I WANNA no? I'm going to read my face and you're not even going to recognize me because when we so beautiful was no I'm joking this talking out of my head and Kevin Thank you so much for joining joining me on the show. Thank you crack up like. Hey everyone remember like also I want to say before we hang up if you've been listening going to the show for any amount of time and you have not become a Patriot supporter on exponential. Here's the T- All. We cannot do it without you. And here's any I just I wanNA say for any sort of creative out there that you're listening to. It is so important that we support the things that are are making the things that matter so please. If you haven't go over to Blake's fucking expand JELLICOE podcast patriotic. Pledge Five dollars a month because you know you have it and by the way like it's only a basically above five dollars a month that anyone makes any money off a Patriot on After fees so do that and I love you the thing I love you. You're such a beautiful human. Thank you I appreciate that. Thank you Kevin Healing. I I have a hard time receiving compliments and I received that. Thank you very much. My Momma always told me when someone's giving you a comedy to say thank you guys got nothing to do with you anyways. Thank you Kevin. Thank you thank you for coming on the show closer lab debt uh-huh and..

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