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Know i always say about that. Because i don't want people to feel like oh. The alternative is great while things get tough here you know what i mean. I okay fair enough. I'm careful about saying that. Yeah yeah. I mean it's a it's an interesting thing i think it's more than just you know there's some people like my husband's parents are terrified of death and they're both in their eighties and it's like it's gonna happen so i think it's more like it's going to be okay like we want to be here. We want to be with the people we love. But like we're all gonna die is certain and so that when we do. It's not gonna you know unless it's you know you're the guy that just left office this morning you're not going to go to the depths of hell you're promptly gonna you know so i guess that fine line like you said but it that to me. Just felt comforting. I think you know people are like friends of mine. Say like oh isn't scary depressing. Or now i think it's hopeful that i want to create false hope but i think the if you if you give yourself over to the people who've had these experiences for the various episodes there is hope in in their experiences and i think that gives the audience. Hope you know. Because we don't really know i mean you might think you know i don't think we really know and i have plenty. Dr ron's were like. Oh i don't know just watch it and see if you don't feel just a sense of maybe. There's something more that we should like allow ourselves to consider. Yeah again. I said that was the last question. But i'm glad you said that. Because i read my husband and i read this book years ago called proof of heaven. Did you read that or do you know about it. But i heard of it. Yeah yeah and it was by a neuroscientist to look science science science. It's all a bunch of crap. And then he died for like three weeks and he wrote about his experience. And now is the first time that i really was like. Oh my god this is insane because it was from skeptic you know was from someone like this is crazy so anyway. Do recommend that book as well. It's really really interesting. So i wanna move on. I wanna talk about briefly surviving jeffrey epstein on lifetime which i saw Again really well done. That's a brutal story. I mean really really tough how. How did you approach that in terms of talking to survivors. It's you have to i think. Probably m- maybe more than anything that you've done. Although i don't know i would think that that has to be one of the hardest things to approach just to you. Know not only tell a story but talk to people that have been women especially that have been through. Such trauma will that series. I did my stomach partner. Anne sundberg and you know we were on the phone and this is before covid but we did finish during covid..

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