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A stringent view of our future policy with regard to immigration and stephen miller goes much much further than that and really defines one poll of uh of extreme reluctance to have more immigration legal or illegal and so those voices when you hear sarah sanders say that uh there's been a lot of negotiation going on in the white house she's talking about the back and forth among people who work in the white house more than a back and forth between the white house and capitol hill will run in a in a commentary you write and we'll posted it here now dot org you point out that we americans are pretty conflicted to paul show at least three three and four agreed that dhaka the population should have legal status to stay but also a majority of americans don't think daca was worth shutting the government down over any even though they believe that there should be a path for dhaka recipients just briefly we are as conflicted the country is conflicted about immigration the country is built on immigration most of us are dead send it from immigrants in one sense or another but when people look forward at the immigrants who are coming today in those will come tomorrow sometimes they ask whether those people will be enough like themselves to have the same privileges as americans that they enjoy that's where we are energy right we have different lincoln called our bonds of affection ronel thing and the are senior washington editor and correspondent thank you thank you robyn while you're getting your news about the shutdown at from npr if you're under thirty there's a good chance you're also getting your news about the shutdown from snapchat the app is very popular with young people and it turns out it has become popular with child predators as well joining us now is adam scott want who's an assistant professor of public policy at john j college of criminal justice in new york adam thanks for joining us thank you for having me and how much predatory behaviour you seeing right now on snapchat especially versus other sites are apps snapchat has become a haven for child predators to be able to both exchanged child pornography with each other and to be.

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