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This virus escaped from one of the two institutes of neurology. In Wuhan, China. There, too, that we're studying, not just Corona viruses they were studying Corona virus is derived from baths. House Republicans are also pushing the Biden administration for answers. Well, what we're trying to do is to get information from the H from the department, ST Lawrence Livermore. Department, Homeland Security and Echo Health Alliance. Congressman Morgan Griffith is a Republican from Virginia. Was it an accidental release of the virus? What kind of research were they doing that triggered this. We need to get more answers on that. And the good news is is that an oversight hearing of the NC chairwoman to get said that she wanted to have a hearing as well to discuss these issues and to try to get to the bottom of it, So we're hopeful that we can get Federal administration. That would be the bad administration through the H and etcetera. To give us the answers to the questions so that we can find the answers for the American people, because the American people want to know where this virus came from, and there are alternate theories. But the one that seems most likely is it was an accidental leaking at the Wuhan land, and that China then was not forthcoming with the information. You see, working with a Democrat on the committee to try to to also get this information. So do you feel like this is bipartisan. I know we've got a lot of issues where Republicans and Democrats battle each other. But do you think this one you guys can work together on Do you think we can work together on it that Republicans on the committee have been writing a lot of letters trying to get information, But now it looks like chairwoman to get wants to get the answers as well. And I think that's great. She's always one. We've always worked together. She always one who wants the answers to the questions so that we can make things better in the future. Find out what happened in the past and make things better in the future. Make sure that no lab in the world Has these kinds of mistakes again. But to do that we have to first determine. Was it a mistake? And what were they doing? How are you gonna get that? I mean, Martin, Senator Marco Rubio was on Fox and and talking about that on Wednesday. And he's like, Look, China is never going to give us this information. So how do you? How do you feel like we're gonna be able to get these answers? We think that we can piece together. If we can get all the federal agencies and peace answer. We can piece together that answer. I mean, Echo Health Alliance gets money from the federal government. They were funding some of this research. They have information there in American entity. We feel like if we could just get all of the American into these to give us the information and if some of that needs to be You know, in a secret meeting so that it's not revealed to the public side. But we have the responsibility on oversight investigations. Make sure we're getting all of the information so that we can answer these questions for the American people. So we don't have to have 100% from China. What we need is 100% from the agencies in our country. Have some of the information and then we can piece together a pretty good idea of what happened. But right now they're stonewalling us. We've had almost 600,000 American deaths in this pandemic. If China did cover up a lot of people believe that trying to cover it up a lot of angles to this, that there was human to human transmission to get go on all these kinds of things, and they didn't want to share the science right away. And all of that. Should we punish China should we doom or against China over how it acted? Well, I think in the very least we would have to be very careful with any collaboration we do with the Chinese in the future. If we find that they were hiding all this information I mean, it's it's bad enough that on accident may have occurred was even worse that they Covered up that it was human to human transfer and the fact that it was highly contagious s O. I think we have to be very cautious in that regard. Obviously, China is one of the most populous countries in the world and we want to continue to work with them in any way we can. But they have to prove that they're trustworthy, and they did not appear to be a trustworthy partner. The other day, We talked to former Secretary of State Pompeo who seemed to be on the board with other people who think we should not go to the 2022 Winter Olympics which were being held in China. Would you think that we should take that step? Would you support that? Well, I think we have to see what's going on at that time. Hopefully, China will will come forward and so forth and give us the answers that we would like to have. I don't think they will. And then the question becomes, you know if we can't trust him on the origins of covert 19. What other diseases were looking in China and I would have to say is just a matter of public health. I would not advise my friends to gov. If we don't have answers from China as to how this virus got started. I mean, you know, it's like any situations somebody makes a mist, Ake They need to come clean and apologize for it. Then maybe we could move forward until that happens and I don't think it's going to. But until that happens, we have to treat China as as if Anything could happen there and therefore it's a public health crisis for us. If I said, isn't you're going in mass. Is something like the Winter Olympics. Congressman. I want to switch to a topic that is very big right now. As far as the negotiations go for infrastructure, massive it rebuild plan. President Biden's calm down to 1.7 trillion Republicans have gone up to one trillion, trying to find a compromise. A lot of that work in the Senate some in the house. What would you support? I don't have a specific dollar amount. When I want to support his real infrastructure things. They're really going to make a difference for the American people. Things like roads and bridges are extremely important. Building roads, toe open up areas for more economic development. That's important, making sure that broadband is available throughout the country that consider that one to be important. But when when we start talking about Spending more money on electric vehicles and batteries and rebates for buying electric vehicles. Then we do for roads and bridges. I have a problem with that. So if we can get it if we could get it down to a number where we're actually dealing with real infrastructure needs of the American people. Then notwithstanding the dollar amount being so huge. I would be likely to support it, but I want to see something that's real infrastructure and not just a lot of smoke and mirrors. Are you concerned that it's going to go through the budget reconciliation process in the Senate, like the covert relief bill ended up doing and then Republicans don't have much leverage. If that happens. I am concerned about that, and Would be very disappointed if they chose to use that method. Is it frustrating to be in the minority in the house were bills like police reform can easily pass without any Republican support. At least in the Senate. You have the chance on a lot of bills. The filibuster and not and stop things for the majority just to do. What they want to do is a kind of frustrating to be on the House side. It is frustrating, particularly when I see reasonable Democrats be whipped in the land by Nancy Pelosi and her team. Because with the votes being so close, you know you only need about 445 Democrats to say that we're not doing that. Cross over and to do what? It least something close to what I think is right. But I will tell you this. The good thing about that, even though it's frustrating right now, the good thing about that is the American people can see exactly what the Democrat agenda is. And when the elections come up in 2022, they can see it there. Congress person voted for, you know, be funding the police or voted for parts of the green new deal or voted to spend Our future into oblivion for our kids and our grandkids, and we'll be able to show that to the American people..

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