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O'Connor, I'm realizing we we don't let our kids walk to school anymore. And I'm just wondering most elementary schools living in a rural area there. They're all relatively close. I know that there's a if I remember it is a law in Loudon. We talked about this with the rule is if the elementary school is within a mile they will not provide bus service, right? And the idea is if you live within a mile of the elementary school, you just let your kid walk. But that's not what we're doing. We're driving our kids to school. And I don't know. Why is it a safety thing? What is it? How about Bryan enga- Thor's Berg, you're next up on wwl? Yeah. I just wanted to say I think it's just a the way we treat our kids today that walking is just beneath them in my neighborhood, the high school kids the parents drive them to the bus stop the bus. Stop is two tenths of a mile from the furthest passing the bus stop and the parents drive the high school kids. The kids in the car. It's unbelievable. The cars are all lined up at the bus stop with kids. That I cannot you're not exaggerating. Are you Brian no not a bit? Got behind the morning, and I I get mad at them because they're blocking the intersection and the closing more than anything. Yeah. I I'll say thank you for that. That's see that sort of cuts against the, you know, it's a safety thing. High school kids are you know? At least should know about basic rules of the road and not running into a street when there's cars coming things. I mean elementary kids should know that too. But certainly high school gets and if they're just they're they're getting a ride to the bus stop that sitting in the car come on, man. Christie in Saint Mary's county now Kristie, okay? Saint Mary's county. That's where you are the schools are not necessarily all very close right now. They're not there. I'd say I elementary school that my kids went to was miles away. So obviously. Honestly finger being lazy? Yeah. When the game. You know? Right. So you think your did your kids take the bus then or did they ride their bikes? Yeah. Okay. You know, I grew up and when I grew up in Georgia. I. You dropped off. I thought when she was hanging on by a thread. We could hear just enough yet. It was a rough connection. All right. How about Jim Montgomery village? Maryland, Jim, you're on wwl. Hey, larry. Hi. I just wanted to say you live in Montgomery County. Right. Yes. Montgomery county. They have school busing that our county council and our board of education of put into effect. So the kids don't get to go to the school. That's close. We we have an elementary school. That's within walking distance of where we live in Montgomery village. But do the kids get to go to that. Now, they go to a school. It's three and a half miles away because they want it to be ethnically, diverse and balanced and all that stuff. So they basically gerrymander the school areas. Just the way they gerrymandered the voting districts in our great state. Wow. So so do your kids take the bus, then they're bussing them for for diversity purposes. Well, actually, they do provide buses, but a lot of parents just say, hey, you know, instead of the kids standing outside I'll just drop them off on the way to work. That's what that's what a lot of them. Do. Thanks for that. Jim. I hadn't a that hadn't occurred to me. That's why I love having these conversations y'all can throw these ideas at me. Yeah. Oftentimes, I'll ask you a question. And have you fill me in on things because I really do want to know. It's not like, it's just a, you know, a a radio gimmick or something. And it's funny. You mentioned something that's kind of interesting. You.

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