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Paying one hundred thirty dollars thousand dollars helped him get elected so i think that's going to go out there looking not and this is why giuliani get got out in front of it right like giuliani got out right away in front of this paying some stormy daniels woman one hundred thirty thousand i mean which is going to turn out to be perfectly legal that money was not campaign money sorry i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know it's not campaign money so putting that out there paying her one hundred thirty thousand dollars throwing all of this stuff getting everything in front out there for the world to see it's going to take away from the amunition that moeller thought he might have had in a way that he was hoping to catch him not so much in collusion by the sounds of it but some sort of way of him trying to cover up something and so by now announcing all this getting out in front of this being really the one who is just just pushing all of the stories it takes all of that sting away because you know of courting to abc's chief white house correspondent the tactics between thai cop who was the person who was representing the trump and now giuliani those tactics are now changing by spoke to tie cobb right before the news of his nouncement announced departure and right after tuykov was the person on the president's legal team that was preaching cooperation with the special counsel he was even saying nice things about a rosenstein to me yesterday that is now over it is essentially war now between the president's legal team and the special counsel world to see they're going to be transparent as possible so there's nothing to hide and when there's nothing to hide.

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