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Well on the the injuries so far i mean we're not gonna get any information at this time of year derek forbes yet to take to the ice i a follows kinda he's coming around slowly we've seen jake muhsin on the ice a few days not involved with a full team practice fullcontact again not knowing exactly what his injury as john stevens today when asked that question it was kind of a you know very evasive on it that you might see one guy you're not going to see them all so we'll see when when the team gets the practicing at the beginning of the week the guys that are on the ice and then in what fa what form that durrani is are they taking a regular routine or they out on their own so that will give us an indication as to where they are i think right now the stage at the rat the longer that the raf that's going to mean they're going to need a couple of more days once they do get on the ice and get involved in a practice when you miss consecutive days usually a little bit of time to get your timing back at this time of year so right now i think the kings have to prepare as a half of the last couple of games and that's why we saw brickley the other night we see although he's not available for the playoffs but fanton berg apology these guys get an opportunity because these are going to be the guys kevin gravel another option these are going to be the guys that are going to be available during the postseason and the kings the way things are going to have to look to start yeah right now the only extra defensemen would be kevin gravel right with the phantom berger recalled and playing tonight so yeah muslim forward indeed are not available to start the playoffs john stevens has to to sort that out let's see want to pass this along before i forget it the kings had the best goals against fewest goals against in the league so jonathan quick will win the jennings trophy for the second time in his career he won it in two thousand fourteen he was runner up in two thousand twelve the first stanley cup year so congratulations kind of a team award but of.

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