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Hello and welcome to another episode. Thank you so much for joining me. On, Kusa K.. And so that you could join me into space. We get the opportunity to shift twenty cello. And again on certain sites to be here with you shit. What's going to be happening with us? And this week on concentrate on measuring. Who's journey through the cast season, and of course we would be a little bit machine. Because is kind of season and bustle council is all about emotion. We struck hall of the things that care about so when it meets macrey communication. So mattress is. It is all of. Information communication speed. Anything not is false me it minnesota false. That three times a year. It gets who back. To have to go to things that may be missed. We. Right now. Dr. affected as much next. Right is so saloon great. Those people may have black. Sense of having to view things. To look on things. Can have been going rule seed life. And now payment. Will be pulled back on hold to review. Knows knows why. We have to acknowledge, that? There? May Be Comic Tie, it says reasons why and again it goes back to concept happened to review tune especially in tests, communication an asthma. She turned a full wet. Tricky season would go five slash. This in retrograde. Really found Associated with the metric rich, great off our leash make. She swans at this point. Or anything false anything falsely occasion even truck can be seen as as this is low because. Is Speed of much. We is so much travelling through. Places emphasis that cannot be seen with the naked eye because so fos. Travel is missing the. Miss we just? We just get new slammed in a new country. Any Dude travel chaplain through space time. These things need to be wary. NBC Full Circ next to our lives. Odds they all sound settings the. So agreements. We have to be careful when making agreements that you bitch time. For some reason, those agreements maiden, those five Waltham save may not be based on older next week. It could be downloading all that could be something about relationships or agreements. That has a sense of being reviewed. Their think what needs to be reviewed point. We. All know will also gains from agreement. Will ready to be when we say yes. Or when the retrograde is, there's. At some point something show. Some instability to show. Or something that face stress on the dynamical Is. Interesting. Also on influence on how we connect with woes swaps. WAS LEASE FEET to quality basis Army France neighbors. Onto innovation was he pulled a sent to be quite. Netted. On certainly these why communicative energy in the season council. The things that we can be discussing all things of Hans. Things in the high. Lot me a place in. Austin UK. On, so yes, it's going to be a long access on higher. On June, Jim! So we could be seeing information about children, which would sit interestingly because. Areas this issue with schools. Amendments Children on my aunt while mania. In children half what school? On there is still the general fear and say children on walk in the. School experience media might. Stations, House looks how it feels to children made mother's maybe making more songs about the. Food. There may be some homage ties to motherhood relationships that were hadn't. He would give us. Information is GONNA. Come Up. And everything we feel on mind chests. Is Come Up..

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