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Is the robert daffy sowell's pushes rubber dhabi we've been talking about we've been talking to phyllis from virginia we've been talking now to the peggy from michigan and i have five kids luckily they hear me and they see me and there's been a smoke is that happens just from being around but there's an indoctrinating going on there is a different kind of movement going on they were showing my kids a documentary called loose change when they were nil imagery school after nine eleven which was about a conspiracy that it was a jewish conspiracy and that the planes never hit the buildings and blah blah blah blah blah in their schools they were getting stuff that is absolutely i mean i it it's very very scary tim caine went to south america i brought this up before in the 80s to nicaragua and two hundred us to study with a jesuit liberation theology liberation theology was created by the kgb to infiltrate the catholic church pope johnpaul denounced liberation theology denounced it that is the religion that the reverend wright practice in chicago black liberation theology the movement all across the world the liberation aspect of this now george sore rose and move on dot org they gave a press release the presidents have targetted demeaned in threatened millions of us and millions of our friends family and loved ones both chambers of congress remain in republican hands we are now entering and they're a profound and unprecedented challenge a time of day asia for our communities and our country in this moment we have to take care of ourselves our families and our friends especially those of us who are in the front lines facing hate including latinos women immigrants refugees black people muslims lgbt americans and so many others and we need to make it clear that we will continue to stand together now you should stand up for what you believe on tirelessly fighting for what you believe is a different thing fighting is an active aggressive movement part of the alinsky educational indoctrination is to make the public feel and think those qualities that you embodied you put on the other side to deflect the exact thing that you're doing from them showed got to realize this my dear friends when you hear the media and the public and these left these attack donald trump as being fascists though hitler or this or that they.

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