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Where do you feel like you can make gains and where do you feel like you're being held back but you're not sure why? Because that was the theme with every single conversation I had last night. As they feel like there's more and they go to these events and they learn a lot of things and they went through a quest or they can't get themselves the finish raise your hand if you signed up for quest and put it off and procrastinate going through it. And so what what's what's what are the forces that are keeping you from making progress doing the things you know you should do because I don't know how many speakers need to say. To meditate or eat good foods good whole foods or to be able to move exercise but common sense is not common practice. So I, WANNA I wanNA give you the code that I believe really unlocks those things when I was going through my challenges and I believe that our struggles can become strengths that difficult times how many of you are facing some some adversity right now raise your hand, which is a commendable that you're here. That's why I feel like it's supposed to important this community. I'm always GONNA come back to community because that's one of the initiatives of mine. Valley is not only this this this radical evolution it's radical inclusion right that you're not here alone, and so part of this is getting inspiration instruction from each other because I find that for me people come to these events not only for the content but the incredible connections and shift in belief that somebody else in the room who's like them is making progress is sometimes more important than something speaker could say on stage is that fair? Now, here as you're thinking about the area that you feel like stuck for me, it was this label. When, when I was nine years old a teacher I was slowing down the class rate because I wasn't getting a lesson and. I could say what? What ended up happening you. You know that one of my teachers said you know that's the boy with a broken brain but I really feel like it wasn't coming from a a bad place. I think actually it was really good intention. It's because I started getting like a lot of negativity from my classmates towards me that I was holding back the class and may be made fun of. So I think the teacher was more coming to my defense maybe came out the wrong way but coming out saying that. Let's relax. Stop It. You know this this boy has some challenges right but that that. took out of it was completely different was label that I was broken, and so it's really hard to go out there and achieve something because every single time I didn't do well I would always go back to label to explain it because I'm the broken one. So that was my thing. So the first area that we need to address the first area that must for transformation to be taking place is this area of mindset. And Mindset I'm defining as what's possible in your life. Right think about the area. That you're not making progress in and mindset is the set of assumptions and attitudes. We have around something around how the world works. Especially in what we believe is possible. What we believe were capable of what we believe we deserve. You've heard me say this that we're not thermometers were thermostats. You know thermometer reacts to the environment a Thermostat sets it but you have an unconscious set of what you believe deserve in a relationship is fair and then your behavior will will set that. Will create that that level just like a thermostat will or how much you feel like you're worth in your in your job or your business. So for me, it was set at broken and that became a big challenge. Now when I went through this I, remember when I finally. Got Into College and I got into a local university because that's what I could qualify for and I thought I could make a fresh start because that's what I thought freshman meant and I took all these classes and I actually did worse and at this point I was like that's it. I can't I can't do this anymore it's been a decade and a half I work harder than everybody around me and it still it's just not for me because in the school system, the presupposition is ten percent people get as. Get Bs, and then everybody else the eighty percent you know they are failing in school as opposed to maybe the school failing them. Do you know what I mean and so it's not about how I learned in later on it's not how smart you are or how smart kids are. It's how are you smart and they're multiple forms of genius right. But at that time I didn't feel that. I. Didn't know that. So I wanted to quit school because honestly, I, didn't have the money to be there and so my friend. I told my parents said Hey why don't you come with me this weekend to visit my family gets some perspective. You know is a big decision right and how many of you notice that when you get perspective, you change people you change place gives you new point of view and you can look at it in different way for those of you have gone through Super Brain and and you learn about like. Six thinking hats and gives you permission to look at it from a logical standpoint and then emotional standpoint right and at critical. And then at a point at optimistic, what can go right? It's getting out of her own like habits of thinking. and. So I go there and the family is very well off. And the father walks me around his property before dinner and asked me a very innocent question, which is the worst question you could ask me. How school. and. All this pent up. Emotion. I, just star Bawling in front of this complete stranger and I tell my whole story and you know in all my stories about all the limits I have, and I always tell people if you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them right? If you're always saying I have a horrible memory I'm too old or I'm not enough. Your brain is always your mind is always eavesdropping on yourself talk and again if you've heard me say this before. Because, you're one of our students. There's a difference between knowing something and walk walking it like in your in your in your heart in your body, and so what keeps us from mastery sometime? Is this idea that Oh, I know this already. Go, get get to the get to the other stuff that you were really holding back. Right. But it's the fundamentals that the masters get really good at and so he asked me a new question I think questions besides perspective are the answer you learned from Bishen about these. These dominant. Dominant questions these questions we ask all the time that we're always getting answers for, and if you ask yourself how come I can never do this or how come I never be this person or how come I can't earn this money. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA find evidence to support that right because your mind if you knew how truly powerful your mind was, you wouldn't say or think something you didn't want to be true. I'll say that again in a different way. If you knew how truly powerful you are you wouldn't say think or feel something you didn't want to be true. All right and that's not to say you have one negative feeling or one negative thoughts and ruins your life going back to consistency how do you get yourself to consistently take action and.

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