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Yeah. I there's another thing in this that that aunt Becky was not at her house, Felicity Huffman was at her house when they were not sure. No, man. She's in the wind y'all y'all are going to have to like somebody some him. I mentioned was like, I am db Cooper. Feeling that she said that we're never we're never gonna find her man like if any if America would shelter anybody, it would be somebody from a really mediocre TGIF show that all you said that you said mediocre. Rip dimensions. Like when this news is breaking around. It might have been like nine or ten almost immediately. I saw like like the initial tweets like what is this? I think the third thing I saw was bunker Perkins launching the hash tag, free aunt, Becky. There's no time to waste. Let it fly. All gotta gotta be out there. Yeah. No there there never catching her man there. It's gonna take. By militias. Mike Miller of of smoking musket has found a picture of aunt Becky behind bars. Awful. This is majestic. Thank you. This is also by the way, like she go out, man. Like is this is this completely headline polling? Yes. That's haven't really managed to make pop with any cases involving the NC double A yet. Right. Like, they're like, oh, man LSU's basketball. Coach completely tell the player that he was going to make him a strong ask offer. Which again, how do you know that it's the LSU coach because it wasn't a strong offer was a stronger offer. Everybody becomes Eto Doron at LSU eventually. But this is this is their way make a case. Like, I don't know why don't you arrest somebody who's like a b Lister? That's really what did you free like rescues Laurie Laughlin, and they fall in love. Okay. Yeah. Could key freeze cut Massimo? So is it real meaning show the real meaning of liberty the love of Jesus Christ. And he free shower the true flame. I that's that's the part. I never know. Or do you negotiate? Am Becky surrender. Right. Like got her. Hold up. In a motel six. In Lynchburg Virginia. Yeah. She ain't coming out you we're going to need you. All right. Probably more of a motel four and a half. Wow. Tonight. Everybody. All fire right now. But can Hugh free. Stop brexit. Evo wants to know can Houston liberty. How much did we put on his plate here? I was gonna say isn't it Brexit really kind of about vacating something? So yeah, this is his job. He could totally do that. We're gonna vacate that we're going to vacate that win at the polls. Yeah. This is definitely still think you freezes capable of that'd be fine. Hugh freeze do air boat crimes. Let's see I think we are about set here for the time being I'm sure they'll be more developments locate to an actual not planned, but actual accorded episodes but gates year. Do we want to explain what our schedule of episode dropping is to these nice people? So we had the Lascaux audio. Yup. Per sources, it does not sound like true. Norwegian black metal this time. Sorry for everyone is hoping for only the brutal audio. But I it was apparently it was a quarter by, you know, actual professors professor professors that would be perfect, right? Actual profess professors. Who were like, let's this is fascinating. People listen to this voluntarily. But yeah, it sound it supposedly it turns out. I've had no beers endless, Mike, I I've just not slept thing. It sounds nice. And we'll have it out as quick as we can. And we will also cut an and then after that we had what was it hollie? We had. Upcoming plans. I guess. I'm trying to figure out what we're dropping this versus when we're dropping the live show. Oh, yeah. It'll be a little bit of a logjam on your on your people because you know, you're listening to this right now, but we got so much content coming for you. Yeah. So right now, y'all know how we do. We have done it. One hundred percent of the time on these conference calls. It's time for thirty seconds of pure anarchy. Everyone is being unneeded. Hey..

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