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It. Allegedly. Shout out, did y'all watch Abbott elementary? Shout out to Quinta. At first, I thought it was gonna be corny, and it don't matter. I was on support quintal goddess as a black woman who was a showrunner for a show. I'm watching it. Honestly. Black women came to no harm in my world. I want to watch all the shows. Abbott elementary is the shit. I'm bringing full circle to what I like it. Quinta, the documentary slash comedy hilarity. Hilarious. Breaking that fourth wall, giving office vibes, but school and black people, everything. Everybody hates Chris. What's his real name? William Tyler. You got a lot to get like three first name. Everybody hates Chris. Tyler William something. Shirley Ralph, who is playing all of the old school teachers, then they got that I forgot that white woman named who always paint like Italian mama sit cut me. The show's layers. Anyway, why I thought about this was like it was one of the opening scenes in Quinta was going around to the kids, they'd be like, oh, so what's your favorite show? And was like, paw patrol. I don't know what other kids be watching. Disney+ and shit. And then one kid was like, my favorite TV show is no, my favorite movie is American gangster. My favorite character is Frank Lucas. Oh, it is my second grade. She was like, oh, we'll talk about that during a parent teacher conference. Not Frank Lucas. American gangsters. My favorite film. It is a good picture. All that to be is it, they could have gave a little bit more to Larry Hoover. Something. Thank you. I know he was in the jail cell shaking his damn head. He said these needs. Shit. He's an opportunity. I'm.

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