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But they don't believe in. I guess the idea that they don't believe in the solutions that are being proposed to combat climate change. I think that's that's where the opposition lies. It's not in the belief that the climate is changing. I think that's well accepted. It's the ridiculousness of some of the solutions that are being proposed getting rid of roman animals. No it's like l. of the farting cows that are causing climate change. We need to get eliminate be from our diet which of the most ridiculous statement and who truly understands how we go systems working. I don't claim to be the world's foremost authority. But i do have a basic understanding of the carbon cycle ronin. Answer not the problem fact. They may very well be the solution. If it is indeed a probl- it's the opposition to the solutions that caused reluctance in large part lists from my perception my perspective. Some of that reluctance also comes from the historical pattern of agriculture. Being a. I don't know if i want to use the word scapegoated. But agriculture is often credited with being the cause or being the fault of different challenges such as momentum pollution groundwater pollution et cetera et cetera. I certainly believe that there is. There is an element of truth. There i don't want to discount that entirely. Other is an element of truth there but why is it that only farmers are being held accountable for those different factors if nitrate pollution and groundwater in iowa is such a big deal what responsibility do fertilizer manufacturers. Have for that if any it goes back. I made the comment earlier that it's a lot more convenient to blame the cows and the farmers than it is to blame airlines because it impacts a lot fewer people and it's a minority of the population and how much of that holds true for other challenges as well. It's a convenient scapegoat group and not entirely blameless but still my perception is that there is an element within the agricultural community. That people are very cautious about immediately being blamed for things that they believe and they feel not not always entirely true but they feel they have limited control over because they many farmers feel that they have. They're doing the best they can. And while you and. I may have a different perspective on that. They're doing the best that they know how at the moment. But there's lots we i believe. There's lots of room for a different types of management practices and so forth but still they feel stuck. They feel trapped and so being given credit for causing additional. Problems is not something they find particularly. Appetizing the flip side of that though being blamed for climate change. Whatever is the other side of that conan. Is that if we are the cause of these problems. We are also the solution those problems and perhaps we should be compensated to be the solution for those problems. I think there's an increasing awareness that farmers are our farm fields if indeed carbon dioxide if indeed we are causing climate change and if indeed carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or even water vapor in the atmosphere like you know altered walter any and some others are starting to tell us all those solutions can be created with our fields and beck may potentially be eight an income stream in the future that we look at. Maybe we will be compensated for that at some point and i think it behooves us to arm ourselves with knowledge on how to do those things on our fields. Agriculture in the near future is likely to look significantly different from what it has for the last seventy years because we have to recognize that. There's different adjectives you can use. You can call it. Industrial agriculture conventional mainstream..

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