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Dreamed there would come day where I would prove either of those men were outright liars just by playing video of what they said about exactly the same thing in the past. The proof that Chuck Grassley is lying now about the FBI investigation is. Is what Chuck Grassley said in support of the FBI investigation of Nita hill. Same thing with Orrin Hatch, I showed you that video last night of both of them. Dr. Ford knows. She's going into a rig hearing with a majority of the senators who have already made up their minds about her testimony before, hearing a word of it, and she doesn't want those senators to be allowed to hire an outside counsel to save them from doing their own dirty work on television reports indicate. Republicans are looking for woman lawyer to hire to do that for there isn't a single woman member of the Senate Judiciary committee, not one. And now those men on the Republican side of the judiciary committee want to hire a woman as an outside counsel to sit there beside the chairman, Grassley and save all of those men from humiliating themselves as most of them surely will. If Dr Ford can come to an agreement with Chuck Grassley about one in how to conduct a hearing that is more fair than staffers, like Mike Davis and senators. Like Chuck Grassley. Orrin Hatch have proven themselves capable of delivering. Senate staffers former Senate staffers in the Senate Judiciary committee and others, Adam Johnson, Lisa grades, Ron claim will all join us next with what happens. Next. Donald Trump is in Nevada tonight at a campaign event for a dean Heller Republican running for Senate there who's in a very close race now, statistical tie with the democratic challenger. He just spoke to Sean Hannity talking about the possibility of Dr Ford testifying to the judiciary committee. Let's listen to some of that. I say, let her say what used to say. Let's see how it all comes out, but they've delayed it a week and they have to get on with him. And journey her discussion. Now, Adam Johnson, former deputy chief of staff to Senator Harry Reid. He's direct Republic fares for democracy for at least a graves code director of documented. She's the former chief counsel for nominations for the Democrats in the Senate Judiciary committee and was the deputy assistant attorney General Department. Justice in Ron clain is with us. He's a former chief of staff to vice presidents Joe Biden and Al Gore may former senior aide to President Obama. He was also chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary committee during the Clarence Thomas Anita hill hearings and rod, I just wanted to start with you with your reaction to what we just heard the president say he has repeatedly said that he, we should let her say what she has to say is the way he said it tonight. He doesn't sound as strict about a deadline as the Republican senators have tried to solve. Yeah, Lawrence, you know, it's ironic funny. Interesting that Donald Trump really has been on his best behavior of the past couple of days about Dr forge charges. And that's because he's looking at a political playing field. Brad Kavanagh is the most unpopular supreme court nominee in the history of polling on court nominees, the Republicans face a life or death. Election this fall and women are the deciding vote between college age, women, college educated women are the deciding vote, and they are watching this very carefully and Trump may lose his supreme court. Nominee. He does not want to lose the house in the Senate and atom. I want to go to you about Mike Davis because I discovered Mike Davis is tweet when you captured it and re tweeted about it. And I was stunned to see what he said that his job is. He's just determined to get this nominee confirmed. Obviously they pulled down the tweets as soon as it came up, but it was an amazing window into this Republicans staff investigation that Chuck Grassley and the Republicans were trying to tell us is a fair and honest investigation. Yeah. I mean, usually Grassley staff is very skilled at erecting. Being a facade of professionalism and sort of institutional as them in front of their relentless partisan hackery. But today the masks lift Mike said, the quiet part out loud and they gave the game away. I mean, they are trying to present themselves as so impartial that they can be trusted in place of the FBI to conduct an investigation into this..

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