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Twenty two minutes after the hour pro football talk live how about the oakland raiders jordy nelson in michael crabtree out doug martin in marshawn lynch out michael silver of nfl media says marshawn lynch is safe i'm not one to assume that here's my theory on marshawn lynch and doug martin i think martin is there as building insurance in the event that marshawn lynch becomes a complete and total pain in john gruden's but because i think jon gruden knows where this is going remember when jon gruden it is introductory press conference said i've never met marshawn lynch because i asked for him every time we do a seahawks are raiders game on monday night football and he always says no he's been around the game enough to know the stories about how hard he was to handle in seattle they shed no tears when he retired now they may regret it after the fact because they can't find running back but that's a different story and i think he was a handful for the raiders last year and last year he was the guy whose presence helped hold the fan base together during this weird multiyear lame duck period in oakland now john gruden's at guy you don't need marshawn lynch to hold the fan base together and i think doug martin is there if and when once jon gruden has a chance actually worked with marshawn lynch jon gruden decides nope isn't going to work doug you're the guy and we'll use marshlands backups as your backups and this was coming with michael crabtree even before jon gruden was on the scene michael galkina of the las vegas review journal hinted at some issues with crabtree that may not have been obvious to the world it was obvious to the raiders and it was obviously time to move on makes it easier when you get jordy nelson and i think they kept michael crabtree as the leverage for whoever they were going to sign to replace him it's a lot easier to negotiate with jordy nelson if you say well if we can't work this out we'll just keep michael crabtree it's a little harder to pull that off already cut michael crabtree so i think that.

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