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A friend's house who has a lake house and this is the greatest thing ever but it's really cool when you get in the car at the end of the day and you don't have to pay for gas money you know a good friend and give gas money but i tell you if you're at that stage because you'll all you like man here he is he's go pick on it i get some of you are going to bob boat some of you go buy this stuff and i think it's okay as long as it's the cherry on your financial independence sunday meaning that you're so far ahead of the curve you've done such a good job of saving twenty twenty five percent of your income you have an army of dollar bills it's growing that one not you doing everything you're supposed to why not do some things that can build additional memories and other things and you didn't put on hold your cash reserves you didn't put on hold your retirement planning your debt manageable repaying off all your debt everyone college education goals i mean we wanna make sure that when you make a decision to buy that four wheeler or that weekend vehicle that we can convertible or the boat you know the this not jeopardizing something that you have in your future now here's the other cool thing about these toys and we talked about this and that show is well is that you can actually there's ways to see if you can get a trial run at these things think about the fact that you can rent an rv before you go buy an rv to do the cross country trip by the way i thought this'll be a great idea from family i was going i said let's draw from tennessee out to the national parks go out west right and then i was smart enough i said we'll fly back because we'll be tired of each other after you know week or two of rotting in living in an rv and mud teenage daughter said do they come with internet and i said no and she goes we'll we're not doing this because you would hate me three hours into the trip because i'll blow through the data like kind of a true point i told my wife said hey i wanna do this rv and she's like no so i mean aren't you so glad you.

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