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Down vehicle on 95 Express north bound after our 35th street blocking your left lane. This report is sponsored by Compassion International and Ricky were so news radio 6 10 W. Laura would be the storm that would have impacts here in South Florida late in the weekend early next week, as that did get named first. Stop the storm. Laurel makes approach to try to strengthen. Try to clip us here in South Florida, maybe late Sunday into Monday. 92 here this afternoon 30% Chance of showers. Thunderstorms. It's like chance of a shower thunderstorm Tomorrow 90 degrees. Some showers and thunderstorm Sunday and by Sunday night Monday, maybe some wind with some rain with updates around the clock on South Ford of Severe Weather Station, the Weather Channel's Ray staging news radio 6 10 With 45 mile per hour winds. Tropical Storm Laura is heading west at 17 MPH moving over the Leeward Islands tonight and over Puerto Rico tomorrow morning. With the exception being the Florida Keys. Much of the Florida Peninsula is now out of the forecast. Cone Weather Channel meteorologist Mark Thibodeau says tonight The storm is not looking very impressive. Laura on satellite radar today has not looked overly healthy. It is still kind of Ah, disorganized system, but we will likely see Is beginning a more warm water and less sheer as time goes by an organization and a strengthening, Thibodeau says Laura becoming a hurricane depends on how much interaction the storm has. With land. Florida added more than 4600 new covert 19 cases to the statewide total today, the addition spring Sunshine State to over 593,000 cases since the start of the pandemic. A six year old Hillsborough County girl has become the youngest person to die from the Corona virus in Florida. Seven other Children have died from the virus ages. 9 to 17 since the outbreak began with more than 150,000, Florida Children already at their desks. The state and teachers unions squared off today in a legal battle over education amid the Corona virus pandemic. The union's alleged that a July 6th emergency order issued by Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran Requiring brick and mortar schools to reopen five days a week in August violates the state constitutions guarantee of safe and secure public education. Schools risk losing funding if they don't comply with Corcoran's order. Leon County Circuit Judge Charles Dodson is slated to issue a ruling early next week. Broward County now has a Corona virus testing site offering Auntie Gin testing test results will be Will be sent to the person within two hours, and, most likely, the result should be known in 20 minutes. Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis with Florida's news I'm John Conrad. Summer Savings at Miami Lakes. So tamal 0% interest of the evil one by any leaks so tamal dot com Fact, about half of all men will experience a B or P fact, Eddie and PR, highly treatable fact. A safe effective treatment is.

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