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On K G O. Lawrence. Von Dr drew the airlines visit us as well. We speak with Jim Roope regarding the resignation of democratic assemblyman being called for by Republicans. Walk. Rob bula? Also, we have comedian Rita redner Comey. The bottom of the next hour right now to assemblyman Jim Patterson, Jim has always walking the program. Always enjoyed being with you. We appreciate having you. So we were talking about this Wednesday that you discuss yesterday to learn no, I took a day off from becoming enraged now. Having pop out of texts taxes texting taxes got everyone quite riled up. And then we started looking at how many taxes are on our phone bills already and wondering a couple of things really need more money. They you know, we already have is taxes anywhere. And then we looked at this the the organization or whatever it is the the committee, or whatever it is whatever it is. It's being supported by these taxes, and they claim it's for helping people with low income to get phones. But you really look at the organization, it is it has other sorts of we're research and other things embedded in it that who knows what that is. And no doubt boondoggles. Yeah. I'm I'm real familiar with this. I've been the vice chair of the utility and energy committee for the last six years. Also on the communications committee spent thirty years in broadcasting did a lot of work in front of the Federal Communications Commission over those years. This is really a a boondoggle that is in fact, running low on money because we tax and fee these accounts. And then we we give it to people who are extensively in need. The basic problem is that it is full of fraud. Everybody admits it, but they they don't want to do anything about it up in Sacramento. So here here we have a. Claim by the PUC that this is declining tax revenue without taxing your taxed, and we have a growing demand on this particular account. Well, the first thing the PSE decides to do is to fill the gap by simply taxing your texts. They do not care to go through an audit or an inquiry about the fraud. The the why is this now people who just simply have not. Oh. It, but they do get it. Anyway. So the growth in all of this in my estimation has as much to do with the policies out of Sacramento that are driving many people toward because the cost of living, and and all of that. But at the same time, it is another government program that just simply has free money and very very little if any oversight on who gets the money 'nother line item on our Bill that will never go away. Because the the amount they're asking for his event, they won't give an amount of what they actually need. Well, I've done a little work on this. So let's let's talk a little bit about what this looks like retroactively for five years something like two hundred and twenty million dollars. I mean, they're going back five years and surcharging some my guess is somewhere in the neighborhood of a seven percent bump in your Bill. And this is going. To create hundreds of millions of dollars. And again, the excuse is this is going to bolster up a fund that is being drawn down excessively because people are using it. And I just think that it's a lot of people are using that simply don't qualify for that that to me is the the a concern. But the bigger concern is the public purpose program. His in in addition to being created for low income customers also interests also created for public interest, research and development. This is in their definition public interest, research and development, which to me is just a gigantic. Drained throwing money down. Yeah. What is that? The reality of these kinds of funds, and the organizations in the groups that organize around it, and in fact, lobby four it day. When stencil believe. The problem starts to go away. They start to figure out ways of adding additional more new money to it beyond the original intent of what these kinds of line items on these taxes, right piece. Look like let let me just put it this way. It never goes away. It never goes down. It always goes up. And there is never any accountability. I just think that sums up the state of California, generally. Well, we tend to agree with you based on the stories. We're reporting assemblyman, Jim Patterson, stay with us. If you don't mind, we'll take calls as well. Eight hundred two two two five two two two. We're speaking to Sandler Jim Patterson, regarding the California plan to Texas more is not enough that you have three dollars of gas tax reminding you that ten twenty cent increase in France resulted in a riot. They're going to they're going to increase your phone Bill by quite a bit more than that seven percents real actively five year for for something with an empty. Just check blank cheque. Vague purpose. Oh oversight. They get to do it Lawrence. Find out to do. It's midday live. Dr drew midday live on eight. One.

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