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I don't you know i try to think about things like that like if it was my kid if it was my kid i will want them to if they had a opportunity to be i will want them to be now i'm going to be involved because i don't want my kid to be exploited you know what i'm saying but in a lot of times that happens especially when kids get signed to major labels that's one of the first things they do is like look purrs need to fall back let but if i can't be involved then it ain't happening you know what i'm saying because you're not going to be out here having my kid look like gordon oh i just look at it as though you know what i'm saying pretty much in the entertainment on the entertainment side that's basically what we've been used to getting a lot of our opportunities not to say this the only place if if she if she winds up becoming a successful person and it's aiming she don't necessarily have to keep that her only lane she can do stuff that you know stuff like this so i mean i understand like i said i understand both sides but we should never discourage specially no key they got sally absolutely no saying that give are probably wouldn't show none of those bed competent none of those negative comments i wouldn't show i feel like if you can make terrible stuff go over why not make something good to that girl that was on dr phil the cash doing real song inside to a real major label and kassy's like that's make no damn sense and i'm like at what point do do some adult step in and be like y'all got this girl money money money i came across a video when they was like because mel sat girl talking on my what eighteen little asian girl say got exposed i got exposed brother was making her say all kinds of crews to where from the properties are company act like there but with anybody i've never really took a series to begin wing this is this is the type of thing that was i didn't think i think any of these grant people were real were people that were growing people that actually thought this person was serious i guess that is funny news planning stuff you see on social media's fading just like idiots don't realize those youtube especially youtube does youtube couples are fake they do everything for us they break up they make up they have babies a fight just for your views because they're getting paid for it now way of fake to know some of them no no couples but the stuff they do how many times can you how many times prank a girl with a pregnancy i mean what a fake pregnancy and she don't leave you point blow so they're not real komo people give for real may even reality tv is not real none of it is real take this stuff everything is scripted girl they know ruin i don't know if you are heard in that but you know jerry springer about the or original reality original fake reality how many people that are like popular now there's been on that show before like corey holcomb was on there before yes some girl he was messing with and they if you pull it up on youtube you'll see on the comedian is gray radio something he's on the little hollywood stars i mean hollywood squeeze day only the comedian joan you know do he was in he was on what's the fox the fox shoda empire and he i mean this is the first caesar by saying the first season okay member cookies not cookie what was the name what serology skirt cookie cookie she went her cousin kill the dude dell that's crazy so i looked it up and says david cocoa yeah yeah yeah yeah.

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