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Oh no oh no pushed too far We're going to go thought we'd only done fourth today okay. Well they'll try to fix that camera. I was describing. This difference between euphemisms. We all use euphemisms right. The euphemism is when you use soft words to sugarcoat realities so a harsh reality. For instance is sam that you know. A a woman is aged. Let's say you don't want to call a woman old. How dairy woman never tells her age so you say she's a woman of a certain age. Okay we all know what that means and it's not a lie. She really is a woman of a certain age. And you don't want to call her an old hag so it makes perfect sense but if you take another pill like a politically correct euphemism and you say okay instead of calling someone a criminal. We're gonna call him a justice involved person that's an actual euphemism used. You're not just sort of softening what you're saying about them. You're actually inverting the reality 'cause they because whatever the criminal is he's not involved with justice okay he's actually involved with injustice. It's the opposite of what's going on here and that is what you're seeing. That's what you're seeing with all this kind of orwellian talk coming from the. Who and this is all over the place. This is even in infected tennessee. you. I love tennessee. I fled los angeles. Good maura by the new salinas. Fash fishes stick. I guess more communistic sort of you know woke assed state. Didn't turn around. I didn't wanna turn into a pillar of salt. I come to tennessee. But the stuff's going on in tennessee. Tennessee is requiring all state employees to complete an assignment on diversity and equity as part of their performance reviews this according to internal documents from the tennessee department of hr and this is what they write quote. Although we're all affected by the recent deaths of black americans black employees are affected. Disproportionately be considerate of what employs are experiencing when communicating with team members. We're told that certain deaths are worse than other deaths in the united states and certain people based on their skin color are more sensitive and deserving more privileges than other people. That's a new caste system. That is that is a deeply unjust sort of thing but it reminds us that there's a big difference between what we think that our government is and what our government really is what we think our law is and what our law really is. And i think you're seeing this in conservatives. There's a group of conservatives that seem to think that nothing has changed since nine hundred eighty two and they just want to keep their head in the sand and go along with that and there's another group of conservatives who knows what time it is and who knows that we need to change our strategy. We're gonna be wiped out forever on the right and that latter group of conservatives the ones who who seriously know what's going on and if we wanna fight back at all we've got to recognize that We've got to wake up and live in the present if we want to reclaim the glories of our national past. I'm michael knowles. Is the michael. Knol show more if you enjoyed this episode. Don't forget to subscribe. And if you want to help spread the word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe. We're available on apple podcasts. Spotify wherever else you listen to podcasts. Also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcasts. Including the ben shapiro. Show the andrew klavan show and the matt wall show the michael knowles show produced by ben davies executive producer. Jeremy boring our technical director is austin stevens supervising producers mathis glover and robert stirling production manager pavel gdanski editor and associate producer. Danny d'amico audio mixer. Mike core amina hair and makeup by nika geneva and production coordinator mckenna waters. The michael knowles show is daily wire production copyright daily wire. Twenty twenty one. Today on the ben shapiro. Show dr anthony fauci emails emerge and they are not particularly flattering. Plus president biden unleashes. A tirade against america commemorate to one hundred year anniversary of the tulsa massacre. Today on the ben shapiro. show give it a lesson..

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