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The eastbound side around exit seventeen that was cleared another. Crash out around exit thirty, four thirty one for Bethpage Parkway that's been cleared away and a lot of westbound bottom on the, northern state getting in for the queen's line once you get into queens, heavy on the Grand Central infra, q. gardens again from about city field on over to LaGuardia Airport heavy on the. Ally in from casino boulevard right in. For, the fairgrounds, and again in for queens boulevard and. Again linking up with the we going southbound outbound upper level. Under the apartments this is the WB we're talking about now Bound upper level stall tanker truck, being worked on center lane is blocked the inbound, side actually looks good everybody rolling up to the toll plaza. But a lot. Of volume right across the span Lincoln still at twenty to thirty in the Holland tunnel stood with about a thirty minute wait, there, I'm Tom Kaminsky in the WCBS traffic center and through the haze. A little bit of sunshine this morning actually it's very sunny but, it's, not that bright Craig Ellen that's it it's the Hayes, this morning and that's. Going to be here for all day today and tomorrow. To and overnight in it just as easy hot and humid. It fits the. Three inches they're here ninety to, ninety five and the heat index ninety five to one hundred barely a chance of a thunderstorm today today slow just seventy five to eighty seventy. Two seventy five if you're, lucky enough to be some distant suburbs outer suburbs away from the city and tomorrow there's a slight, chance of a shower or thunderstorm highs up around ninety Wednesday a better, chance of seeing a shower thunderstorm, for a few areas on Wednesday but we're still up near ninety degrees on Wednesday. And then looking ahead to Thursday and Friday A touch of relief eighty five. To ninety degrees but with lower humidity not dry, but slightly lower humidity so maybe. Not quite as oppressive to close out the week but it certainly is still going to, be well above normal it'll be hot like it already feels outside now seventy, nine humidity seventy four percent and today's high gentlemen, ninety to ninety five feeling like one hundred Craig, Allen this morning Craig thanks eight. Twentieth WCBS a man hiding in a restaurant, freezer had died not too. Long after he was discovered there. And he really came, out to give the restaurant. Workers in the west side of. Manhattan quite a surprise it. Happened to Sarah Beth's WCBS reporter Mike sugarman tells us, the reaction from regulars hearing the. Story of Sarah, Beth's restaurant I mean. What and here, is the. Story when workers went into the freezer Sunday morning they found a guy there they didn't know who he. Was he grabbed, a knife he started to attack them every aspect, of it is shocking, that would, be shocking enough but. After they knocked the knife out of his hand he said, he needed an ambulance one came later.

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