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Let me make a couple of other points about they she brings up danika patrick danika patrick is precisely what i'm referring to here the fact of the matter is is the danika patrick couldn't cut it as a nascar driver and it's also the fact of the bed that the only reason danika patrick was in nascar is because she is a woman if we are going to demand that we stop asking whether or not a woman he cut it in a certain field we also audit demand that we stop giving women opportunities in certain fields simply because they are women they've been a handful of female automobile races ed danika patrick held her own when she was indycar she couldn't hold her on a nascar despite the fact that she was on a very good team with a very good crew chief and had a huge amount of money behind your she simply wasn't very good she may be a very very good race car driver but she couldn't cut it at the highest levels of pressboard and soccer racing that simply a statement of fact yet she stayed in that car because she always had a sponsor because she's a woman a male of her generation who kept running back in the thirties for several years at a team like stewart haas would have been can before she was before she lost their sponsorship that part is also true so like i said i think that this demand that this needs to go both ways that we're going to say that it is inappropriate to raise questions about whether or not women are suited for certain roles we can't then turn around and give certain roles the people just because they are women because it looks good to be able to do so.

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