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The rain you know what what Avenue you can travel when you're doing a show like this especially in times like we're in is is going to Twitter and I read and about a recent Major League Baseball poll that had been taken and the subject was pitchers that players would least like to have to go to the Malibu and confront interesting to note that in this recent poll the two pitchers that got the most votes Aroldis Chapman one yeah Michael Lorenzen to now you're talking about to jazz or yelp Chapman does this in the offseason he boxes well he's also lived in some ways because our are some guy doing some boxing that's correct that's a big dude yep and Michael Ranson if you've ever stood up next to him he's just one big muscle yeah but Michael said this kid is that he's a nice guy yes but he's one of those guys I probably wouldn't want to mess with what everybody thought Nolan Ryan was a nice guy and they'll arrive would kill you hated the Centerra come on what do you think it was a nice time to damage you think inventor him on top of that the head that's what Nolan Ryan did hit him on top of that there's no damage there you want her to be just one let him know he made a mistake come out that is over rated your life I think so but you so you don't think Lorenzen would be the kind of guy that you would not want to go to the mound against I don't think the rents in her chair but I think those are two really top notch guys that are physical specimen Chapman is huge he is you I've I've started when I saw some pictures of it yeah hi me his arms are so big and then they showed pictures of him boxing in a GM in Miami and holding his own holding his own now he joked he really S. we'll be back with more on this topic in a moment health care workers like me are in a fight for your life and Alex the lack in planning and will select has left many of us without personal protective equipment president trump needs to lead and make sure.

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