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It was all a big secret for reasons known only to herself. Laurie refused to tell her son Colby. She was taking tyler. Jj To eastern Idaho to the town of expert. Why here apparently Solorio could live near her new end time. Soulmate Chad debacle. Lawry's brother Alex moved here to garden apartment. Just across the way from lorries all settled in around the first of September two thousand nineteen and before the month was over. The children would be gone on Sunday. September Eighth Laurie Tighly. Jj and Alex took a day trip to Yellowstone National Park. Here's a photo of Lori and JJ and this one JJ entirely and there's uncle. Alex we got these photos. Courtesy of the FBI. It's the last known picture tighly. If the time though Colby dinette clue all he knew was he couldn't get her on the phone so every time I did reach how saying. Hey Haitai love you. It'd be like Hey love you super-busy or my mom was at Ryan. Texts haste highly okay. Yeah she's super busy on Tuesday September. Seventeenth a doorbell camera captured this brief glimpse of JJ playing their his other town now and on Tuesday September. Twenty four Laurie contacted. Jj School saying he'd be home schooled from now on. No one has seen him since even though all through those autumn months k. And very kept trying to reach. Jj and Laurie you know we called Laurie some many times. I emailed older castaway. Smells lease everything but US lease. It doesn't whatever we want to see. Jj No response none. What was Laurie up to? And it wasn't just Laurie. Her friend April. Raymond also got a funny feeling from lorries. Brother Alex I felt like he was kind of off a little bit. Something was just not quite right. He was very loyal to Laurie. He would do anything he would do anything she asked to do. He mentioned his attempt to take the life of her husband. Joe Tried to kill him. Do you think he was a little unbalanced. That's why I started feeling like this is. Something's wrong yet. According to this old friend Mary Tracy Alex was sweet and very funny guy who was a good friend to me was a good friend of my sister. Beck's we thought of Alex does our little brother. We'd love him Mary. Metallics Phoenix stand up comedy circuit. Oh kidding he was graded impressions. Here was genuinely funny. Funny Goofy guy would kind of Impressions Commission for Instance Hannibal Lecter but then. Mary heard the nine one one call from the day. Charles was shot GONNA fight with. My brother-in-law shot have been so fence. He came at me with a bat and saw the police body. Cam For the TV accusing you up and was dumbfounded now. Just because of what happened. But also very very attuned to Alex's mannerisms his way of speaking when I heard him say on the nine one one call yeah shut my brother-in-law and self defense. I just wanted to say that I can tell I mean that was so scripted and it was not Alex and it was just too. It was just too planned planned or not. Why did ALEX KEEP POPPING UP? When bad things happened I? There was the assault lorries. Third husband Joe Ryan then the shooting death of her fourth husband Charles and then there was this nine one one. Where's your emergency back in Arizona? October second two thousand nine hundred a sniper firing from a park jeep took a shot at a guy named Brandon Boudreaux Brandon. Thought I it was a paintball gun until he saw his shattered car window. I'm going to shout my window. I was born in my house if I drove away but I see them driving off. It was trying to pull in my driveway. Wise Brandon important to our story because he was once married to this woman. Melanie remember her Lori. Valo and Alex Cox's niece at at the time of the shooting Melanie. Andrew estranged husband brand. We're going through a very nasty custody battle and in court papers Brandon said. He thought the person who shot at him was uncle. There are allegations that it was Alex. Who took a shot at Brandon to know that to be true? I don't there was a time where I was confused and feared if that did happen on because Brennan was so sure with the details. Did you ask if he tried to shoot branding? I did flat out just said Alex like you know what happened with that. And he made some jokes about it and then we both talked about how insane that would be for him across the street with with a rifle in broad daylight in a recognizable car. Tonight Yeah denied it. Many times his friend. Mary told us she hoped Alex didn't do it. But she had a growing suspicion and not just about Alex. Can you bring yourself to believe that your friend? Alex committed these deeds of his own. Free will no no. That's not even a question that's not who he was if he did these things. Why would he do them? He would do them as a protector and defender of his sister and her children. So what was Alex Up to? And what was he willing to do for Laurie? Coming up back toback bombshells. The sudden death of Chad's wife. Tammy people are shocked that this woman in her forties. She is just another and the sudden wedding of Chad and Laurie. Are Those the wedding rings? They bought on Amazon. Those are the ones how long before tammy seventeen days before. She died.

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