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The conservative manifesto is pretty policy light there wasn't much to discard gonna take a moment to defend the guardian because i'm not gonna speak for any other papers inside that with one of the things we did very deliberately and in fact i even predicted a hung parliament on this very podcast early on in the campaign was we didn't actually put the polls at the top of any of the stories and we made very deliberate effort not to do that now jeremy corbyn fans have the frustrations of the guardian i understand that completely but the aim of what we wanted today was to try to fake his actually on the policies and i think we did for example scrutinize the social castoff incredibly strongly through the campaign that doesn't mean that there are no mayor copos there are after every campaign and they just sandy right this fascinating piece this week about the tories who have this reputation as being brilliant election winners and in fact have failed to win an election and any convincing manner since nineteen eighty seven not as thirty years anti what are they doing wrong one of the main things revved on roma moved on increasing recent simone to to election when they won narrowly an unexpectedly by going very negative is they become addicted to negative campaigning on his of of massage lynton crosby vehicles trillion political consultant who's been involved in law of the recent campaigns by think it goes deeper than that i think the conservative party egged on by the rightwing press thinks that monsters labor sufficiently that's enough to win elections and i think that's a very useful thing to do from that point of view and it's coin defective but it probably doesn't get you too big majorities and when fat was running elections in in the late seventies in the eighties there was a negative silent but there was also be positive offer about mass shareholding propertyowning democracy all that kind of stuff and i think the conservatives have become too negative.

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