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Base carrots working on that now which got going on there. Speaking of which how about Jupiter the developers of harbourside place and officials of the town of Jupiter. They're still butting heads, and I really damn this. Because it never ends with them. If you know Tiger Woods has restaurant the woods there. So at first there was noise complaints from residents. Yes. Because they would hold events even our w arm if people would hold an event there. The country station. We've had things with sunny there. You've got a bunch of very rich very old people on the water there literally like he couldn't turn the music down enough, and they'll still complain about it. So when from the noise complaints to now code officials, they're finding harbourside for allegedly hosting free events. Right without town approval. Boy there the issue twenty one code violations dating back to twenty eighteen and they delivered him to the harbourside vice president and all of these fines add up to it could cost them three hundred thousand dollars. See what's that gonna solve? This place is is employing Jupiter, right? Tiger Woods has a restaurant there. I mean, there's shops. There's things to buy there's commerce going on. And you're finding them almost two million dollars. That's ridiculous. Plus, by the way, they've put up a very large soundproof glass behind that stage there to do the best that they can. And what's okay. Let's say they have to pay the fine. Right. All right. Well, then they get a pass that down raise the retail rents which caused more restaurants to leave there. Then you've got an empty space. Not smart. So then what happens they have to go to the town of Jupiter and s Belise can I have my events. And so they would have to get the approval. And I guess the town's arguing that people won't move there. Because this place is so loud and rowdy. Oh baloney. That's so stupid way to let noise in fleet little Jupiter here having fun stop having fun..

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