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Georgia won the game. So that dynamic right there alone kind of makes everybody excited. And even the one lonely Florida fan we have here, who everybody in the world is telling him that dude, you guys have no chance. He's like, y'all always lay eggs. Y'all might as well give it to us tomorrow. So he's more confident than anything. I think that's emblematic of the gator attitude. And you know that, we're in games a little 6, 7 weeks ago. They never, they don't care who the coach is. They still, they're like Alabama in that regard. They really are and Paul, we've talked about that. You know, you look at Florida as a program as a university. You always think Florida is the head or the top of the SEC. They're one of those teams that are always going to be right there. The threshold of winning the championship. But when you actually look at the numbers, they're not. They lost a lot more games than probably everybody else would think that they have. Their records in lats since last year's not that great. They already have three losses this year. You might looking at being four and four or 500 team at this point in the year, nobody would have thought Florida was going to be like that. So I don't know. I'm still wondering and questioning who is this Florida team going to be in the future? And it's got to fall on Dan Mullen, Dan Mullen has to get this ship going in the right direction. I think offensively, they're doing some really unique things. I think offensively, he's a great play caller, but defensively, they have not advanced and defensively they're not making the strides that we thought that they could. They played a really good second half versus Alabama team. But after that, you can't allow illus you to run the ball for 300 yards against you. When LSU hasn't been able to run for 300 yards the whole year long up until that point, or the week before where they have some success. Those other things that I have a lot of question marks through this comes this Florida Gators team. I want to ask you this because you played defense and the easiest thing in the world hearing it at Alabama this year. It's just bypass the head coach who obviously does not know what's going on anywhere on the offense or defense, and just pile on the defensive coordinator. And in this case, it's Todd grantham who's been everywhere. He's been with Dan mall in a long time at state and here. And in talking to gator fans, even in Gainesville in September and today, they're after him. They're after him. But they don't talk as much about Dan Mullen. Tell me, is it Todd grantham's fault? He's the one that's calling the plays. And if you're calling the plays and the guys are blowing coverages or they're not fitting defenses right, is it because the defense that you're calling? So maybe you need to dumb it down a little bit and I don't mean like they're not smart enough to handle the play calls, but we need to simplify things. Not as much thinking. We need guys to play faster. You want guys to feel like when I watch Georgia play defense, they overwhelm teams with their speed and their size. And if you do not have the size, then you need to at least have the speed in Florida has speed. They have speed. So they have to be able to overwhelm you and play faster. Less thinking, play faster. So now it looks like you're playing with 12 or 13 players. When you're only really playing with 11, I don't think they play fast enough. And when they get there at the point of attack, they're not making the plays that they happen. Is that fundamental? It's all fundamentals, Paul, it's all about how you fit the run. How are you coaching these guys to getting the right positions to make sure that they're right and addressing the right things? Are their eyes in the right places? I understand they lost ventrilo very key to that defense in their linebacker and probably their emotional leader. But your Florida, nobody cares about your injuries. Just like if Georgia had some injuries, nobody cares. You still supposed to win the game. If you're Alabama, you still gotta win the game. Nobody cares. So there's no excuses in injuries are easily built in excuse, but nobody wants to hear about outside of your program. Nobody cares. A lot of big games are. I know this is where we are currently residing and it's a huge game. But there's another game I do want to ask you about. And that's a Jordan hair stadium. Because that's the most unique intriguing game. Of this weekend when it comes to the SEC Paul. And that's because either team could win, and I really couldn't tell you at this very moment which team I think there's not like, hey, who you like. I like auburn.

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