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There's a lot of wreckage on the pavement right now. Once we removed that we will get a sense as to what kind of damage that we will have to repair. We don't know what that will be right now. Six people have been hospitalized. You're listening to NPR news. News from Washington. Officials in Mexico say that more than one thousand migrants escaped a detention center in the southern part of the country last night. They say that about half of them chose to return that several hundred are still unaccounted for most are from Cuba relatives and supporters say the Mexican detention center was overcrowded and filthy. One of pro basketball's legendary players has died. John Havlicek was a key member of the story. Boston Celtics teams of the sixties and seventies Havlicek had been ill with Parkinson's disease. NPR's Tom Goldman reports he died Thursday at the age of seventy nine John Havlicek nicknamed do played all sixteen of his NBA seasons with Boston. He was an all star thirteen times. He won eight titles with the Celtics. Have check is Boston's all time leading scorer, but he was best known for his versatility and hustle to traits captured in a legendary play he made during the nineteen sixty five playoffs against Philadelphia, gravelly voiced Celtics announcer. Johnny moore. I made the call. Check stole the ball is one of the NBA's. Most iconic phrases in a statement following his death. Celtics called Havlicek. Kind humble and gracious a.

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