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Is a pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases. At the university of chile. He was part of the review. Board us through the decision. That is like an liars convert to our country torres. Says he's been impressed with overall safety data and how well the vaccine seems to be working in kids already. Chilly vaccinated most adults with china's vaccine. It uses a technology like the one in flu. Vaccines of course. This is different bios but all the information provides was pretty similar to the safety of the other seen that also used by children. Tourists says they'll be providing the vaccine to kids at school and closely monitoring the rollout. He hopes that she can contribute. Important data as other countries. Look for more information. Vaccines and kids. Kausar at the vaccine researcher at johns hopkins says in general really. Can't kids have something else working in their favor. With vaccines. children have really robust immune systems and so they generally have better immune responses to things than adults as a mom and a pediatrician. Talaat says she's really excited about the idea of vaccinating her own kids and others. Many families have concerns. And maybe hesitant. She says it's important that all the vaccine research on kids published and available. They just want to make sure that all the vaccines that go into kids are a safest possibly can be so far. The pfizer news is promising. But it's still a press release and then there's something else that's been on the mind of vaccine scientists like talaat they're still a limited supply of vaccines in the world. She worries that vaccine. Start going up to kids adults elsewhere. Who face higher. Risks for corona virus may wind up waiting longer for their shot for the world. I'm alana gordon. World leaders have descended upon new york city once again for the annual united nations general assembly this despite the pandemic still raging the high level meetings addresses. This year will be held in a hybrid fashion. Some leaders will show up in person others virtually speeches kicked off today. Getting things started. Un secretary general antonio guitarfish urge world leaders that come together in this time of mistrust misinformation and polarization. We face a moment of truth now is the time to deliver now is the time to restore trust. And now is the time to inspire. Hope president joe biden and took the podium this morning reporter ashley. Western joins us now to talk about his message and a bit about what to expect. Later at this week's gathering in new york welcome mike so donald trump was the last american president to address the un general assembly. A back then He made a speech with many elements of his america. First style of foreign policy probably no surprise and the president biden is looking to forge a different path. Yes so president. Biden spoke for more than thirty minutes today and his message was actually pretty optimistic. He said this is quote an inflection point and called for the global community to come together to build a better future and he said the us was ready to lead the world through diplomacy not war. Here he is speaking to the gathering twenty years of conflict in afghanistan.

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