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By any any single person's measurement is it is enormous tragedy to lose people at sea but let's let's leak it at some of these other claims their stories nelly gatien's that's number five cayo meru that's the meuse a wellknown modern according to other pru proponents of the idea as no mention just a second ago the story dates back for centuries so you'll hear tales of fleets from china and kubo hahn going missing in the area the specific legend the were digging around in is one that says in the twelve hundreds kubilay con tried several times to invade japan by crossing the devil's triangle is process according to story he lost his vessels any loss forty thousand men jail area 30000 with a lot especially time it is and we mentioned you know we we mentioned that they've wrongly reported the date of that modern tragedies 1950 52 1958 which lets us knew that things slip a little with the cairo meru often times the authors who say that this is the example of somebody being lost in japan's bermuda triangle uh the often make increasing the unsubstantiated claims and they say that everything from a visiting ufo does some sort of lost style electromagnetic fluke do science oilers i deserve half in it i knew you were going to say that i uh then there's a entire wikki dedicated to lost mr that i'm not yeah i've known as sandy down on that one the other examples that we hear cited are often going to be protrayed as military vessels were large commercial vessels disappearing in calm weather with no clear explanation hum that's the thing where it gets weird for me is like you know you've got these giant vessels that where there's meticulous bookkeeping they know exactly who is on board what's on board in there as you know a protocol of keeping in touch with homebase that's the stuff that really makes me if they think huh.

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