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All right well. You're authors power to matches. You've got an resurrection you can also to self wants so i guess i guess i guess about something else like if she like. Because i'd imagine she would go for me i over you probably just. You'll still used to take her out so it's not really an issue. Fifty road black women. Black doesn't mean nike com. Still take out your front. Your in your prime is a male that element of like compassion. Westland i don't know for one was a black guy. We have a book blah blah blah. Women women in general like so. It's just like assume you will will. Yeah i guess. I guess you're not gonna use but it's now they need to. Yeah i wouldn't go with ham. Is if it was a blow because i kind of morning even gum because woman. That's not a sexist thing. It's just like i don't feel like i would assume fit mike. Chivalry would this. Fine lobbyist strong. I like to. I like to go bit rule on. Let's pfizer right now. I'm just i would just bumper and ahead once. And she's out so extreme but this is my second power my second round here. we go. Ooh we got to a new little mini game inside because of fates now crew. The way this works will is. I can't really do it but you can. I select a card like a plane caused And was called. I get a power. So if i if i select say the five of clubs i get power then i or you have to say higher low if you think the cod is higher and i pick a new call is higher than i get an extra power. But then if he's wrong i lose all my powers and i got nothing. Also you've got this. This is actually really risky. 'cause you got through a one strong power and then to potential good powers as well. So yeah and i've got another round goes well so i've got three thousand to pay plus days so so for will i've got one power ready i've picked cod. I'm going to pick a cod as the five of diamonds. So will you do this for me is. This is my next car going to be higher or lower five five. He says a five assistant fire by the way would be zero will be zero. Oh gosh is not Shit again. I'm gonna say hi. Five is like middle gone so we've got lot higher number. We've got six to ten as well as the other being king. So so you're saying higher. If i get it means i get to pick to powers get is higher is a queen so but three powers you. Five powers altogether. Just i'm gonna. I'm gonna pick lower because of the queen quite high so i'm gonna pick lower and and isa jack shit okay so pows now. I've got. I've got six powers when altogether in his match stool after taking my my only power way. I'm gonna say you. I'm to pick up one. This is again because this is a jackson is is the tennessee. Spates is four is full powers. I'm gonna on the bank on the bank. They were full powers. I think that's enough denies. Somebody's positively weaknesses of more powers. And i'm going to quickly run through these really quickly. I power is adding an opponent saw. Shit this comes to our detriment. These powers like every more isn't always better so dependent. I'm picking dependent that is pigs. Is john walker from falcon and winter soldier so john walker is a army war. Hero will now. You haven't seen the disney show. The war hero. But he has In his blood. The captain america's super soldier serum lucky. You got the powers of copying well. Yeah so by. I think he would probably take me. Because he's actually a war is that military's shit. Yeah so you probably take me off more powers powers might I'm gonna go quickly say my second. I'm a second power is cannot mystery box going to open this on not say yes just opening mystery box allows me to face through shadows bortles socket elgar's that's great in basically that's basically might remain. Now i own the whole. It's not like you know. Like go go does cre- lack of my second power. My sorry my bad. How is i have to remove one power of mine but to powers to you. Wow okay that. Which is i'm going to hold onto that until the end. Because i want to pick my my final power this round this round is i guess. I'm city string. You can got removed. That the now he won't. Yeah i'm going to remove that now and i'm going to give you to power so you can three this this round. So we'll your three pows all your first one is. If the environment is above forty degrees you are five times as strong. It's below twenty degrees than you are ten times the straw much. It's pretty cold down. Well we've got eight scott got ventilation. I cranked up on the on the computer back computer. I'll put it's six degrees nice cool temperatures. So you're ten times as strong. You all bree okay your second power you can shape shift into any animal okay. Then that's cool. I can take advantage of flight and stuff are like fuck of elephant in by the way we are absolutely destroying these. These two people like safe. Aw and your third and final power of this round is cpa smell spanish lot or a drop of sense or up to fifty meters away from me me. Yeah we we would decimate them by. I won't need to smell them. The bloods just all over the floor. Like we know what i think is a big run run-up to mammy two shoes and his knocker and ahead so she's she's dead and then mean you can take on john walker and you you transform into like a bear guerrilla trump i combined with though some throng of whatever your five. You're ten times a strong there. Which a wicked murdered his die..

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